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Arabian Men 1 Scene 2 - Arabian Dicks

Jun 3 2013

Arabian Men 1 Scene 2 is a hot scene with tow sexy arab boys sneaking off for a quickie anywhere they can find a bit of privacy from prying eyes! In a small spare bedroom/store room they have their chance and waste no time. Off come their clothes and hot eager mouth meets a joystick that is perfect, beautiful and already completely hard. These boys know they are forbidden to do this and so they have to be fast, but their pleasure is so great that there is no way to rush such a hot blow job, even if it means waiting a few extra minutes before it is followed up with anal penetration. Their muscled and toned bodes, near hairless, banging into each other with a hard huge knob thrusting deeper and deeper until it is ready to blow. You'll be ready too!

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Almahdi, Bayyhan, Imad And Muzzafar - Arabian Dicks

May 3 2013

Almahdi, Bayyhan, Imad and Muzzafar are an Arabian Fantasy. Four hot, hard, hard fat cock'd Arabian studs meet in an opulate living room and begin to share those monster cocks with each other. Gobbling those big dicks is just the tip of these huge monster dicks, those huge dicks then begin to squeeze their way into those tight asses making the room vibrate with heavy moans, groans, and begs for more hard fucking.

Arabian Playhouse 2, scene 1

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Arabian Men - Arabian Dicks

Mar 29 2013

Horny arab studs caressing each other and kissing as they take turns sucking each other and getting rock hard. Bending over and taking a thick arab joystick up his tight firm ass till he creams all over.

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Arabian Men 2 Scene 2 - Arabian Dicks

Feb 25 2013

In this hot Arabian desert we find more horny Arabian men with big hard dicks ready to tool each other until the next Arabian sunrise. They can't keep their hands or their dicks off of each other. Those monster cocks skull fuck those faces until jaws are aching and then its time to destroy those asses!

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Arab Twink Gets Drilled - Arabian Dicks

Jan 21 2013

A gorgeous young Arabian twink with a totally tight and fit body is willing to give up his mouth and his hairless and tight ass for a horny and hung buddy in this video. He feasts on that juicy rod until the dude is ready to ease that shaft into his tight ass, and then he gets a great deep fuck and the cream fucked out of him before his hunky top splashes out his load too!

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Arabian Men - Arabian Dicks

Dec 21 2012

This hot update begins on a Naval base and proceeds into the cold stark solitiude of a naval vessel. Things heat up as two Arabian studs begin to suck and lick each other on a confiscated dvd that a sailor becomes privy to. Just watch as this plays out and everyone explodes their loads.

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Arab Studs Fucking Hard - Arabian Dicks

Oct 19 2012

Two horny well hung Arab studs hooking up for some hot action, they take turns sucking each other as their hands caress their hard bodies, a third joins in and the eager bottom then works both their cocks till they spit roast him and take turns fucking his tight ass till they blow their hot loads all over the place

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Arab Studs - Arabian Dicks

Sep 14 2012

Two horny hung arab studs get together, stripping down and sucking face as their cocks grow thick and hard and press against each other, taking turns sucking each other before one gets his eager ass drilled hard

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Arab Stud Busts A Hot Creamy Nut - Arabian Dicks

Aug 13 2012

Horny Arab stud muffin plays with his well hung thick uncut pecker slowly stroking his prepuce over his thick bone head as his dong twitches and pulsates and grows thicker and larger in his hands, he works his knob even more leaking pre-spunk as he edges closer to climax and works up a sweat as he jerks harder and faster till he sprays his hot load across his chest.

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Arabian Play House - Arabian Dicks

Jul 16 2012

Hung and horny arabs sucking and fucking, These rock hard studs work each other over with their warm wet mouths before bending each other over and taking a thick man pole up their tight assess till they blow their loads.

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Arabian Men 2 Scene 4 - Arabian Dicks

Jun 11 2012

This scene begins as Abdul Nafi is getting massaged by his man-servant Ghassan, a young, Sultan-sucking, camel-jockey who willingly offers his tight pussy-hole for the extreme pleasure of Abdul's bone-topping delight. Camera close-ups of Ghassan's tongue-rimmed boy-butt makes the viewer feel as if they were the ones rimming. Abdul, who wields a Saudi-Arabian-sized sausage, needs two hands to shove all of his meat into Ghassan without completely rupturing his manservant which would destroy any future chances of future abuse. After fucking doggie-style, they attempt other pleasureful positions until both blow their loads with globs of semen that could fill the Dead Sea.

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Arabian Men 2 Scene 3 - Arabian Dicks

May 11 2012

As Raghid Al Din gets his feet, toes, and legs licked, he simultaneously sizes up Abdul Aziz bubbled-ass for a good dicking. After more naked caressing, the thumping begins. Raghid has a firm, but smallish muscular body, but he puts every muscle he has into clobbering the fuck out of Abdul's ass. Eventually, both Arabian hotties spill their juice amidst a close-up of Abduls dreamy, gorgeous, come-fuck-me eyes.

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Abdul Nafi - Arabian Dicks

Apr 10 2012

Abdul is a horny and well built hunk that loves to show off his hard body. He has a nice hairless chest, a fantastic ass, and a monster dick that begs for attention.

Abdul has problems with that big ole dong of his, he has to wear big baggy pants to hide the fact that his monster bone gets rock hard with just a small amount of interest. Once you see this monster dick you will see why he needs such baggy pants.

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Arabian Men 2 Scene 1 - Arabian Dicks

Apr 6 2012

Somewhere in the desert stands an abandoned building, Wally Allah, a muscled, Muslim with a young face, but a mannish dong is being caressed and pleasured by Mujahid, a goateed, tattooed, hottie that loves to attempt to place his large, wet tongue around Wallys 1/2 meter-long rod. I say attempt because Wally's uncircumcised rod is not only a giant in length, but also humongous in width. The scene is decidedly centered around this gigantic man-pole as the camera angles play with the viewers sense of wonderment.

After a rimming scene worthy of an Academy Award, it becomes a wonder how Mujahid's ass is able to completely envelope Wallys man-knob which at it's hardest, is the size of Sudan. While getting fucked, Mujahids own hard hammer bounces with pounding delight until both hotties blow their cannons with white gun-powder!

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Hakem And Muzzafa - Arabian Dicks

Mar 9 2012

Hakem, Muzzafar are two horny Arabian studs that can't keep their hands off of each other. After meeting to watch TV these two horny hunks decide that an Arabian fuck session is warranted. They are soon naked and jerking on those two big dicks before exploding those cocks.

ArabianPlayHouse2, scene 3

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