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It’s hard to believe today is the first time Jason and Kodi have done a scene together. Both models have become BSB stalwarts because when the camera light goes red both know how to entertain.

Broke Straight Boys Blog

Different Day, Different Dick

Dec 14 2014
Dakota Ford and Brody Lasko

Dakota Ford and Brody Lasko

Brody is about to get his ass broken in, for real. Dakota gotten to really fuck anyone in a while so he’s in for a treat because this is only Brody’s second time bottoming. Dakota, as you all know, is the resident bottom so I hope he takes some time to teach Brody and thing or two.

Brody finds Dakota sunbathing with nothing on but some shorts. Hungry for cock, he quickly pulls Dakota’s shorts down making his dick flop out. Brody pops it in his mouth and starts to blow him like a meat obsessed whore. He licks the shaft up and down getting it nice and moist. Dakota tells him to take his clothes off and he obeys. Once Dakota’s cock is nice and slick he switches places with Brody and lubes his dick up. Dakota shows no mercy; he busts through Brody’s barely uses ass with his huge prick showing no hesitation. “Oh fuck”, Brody yells in pain as Dakota begins to pound away. Brody’s legs are held straight up in the air, giving Dakota the ability to get every inch of his boy bat into Brody’s body.

He flips Brody over and bangs him out form the back. The look on Brody’s face is one of pain and sheer delight. It’s a face all good tops are familiar with. Dakota sits on a rock and Brody slides right back on his pole. Dakota jacks Brody’s cock form behind as Brody continues to grind and swerve all over his cock. He’s doing such a good job that even Dakota has to admit that he’s “all over that dick”. Dakota bends him over once more and tastes his sweet hole before shoving his cock back inside. Brody holds onto a gate, bracing himself against Dakota’s rough thrusts. Unable to hold out any longer; Brody cums while Dakota is still inside of him. Dakota pulls out and dumps his load right on Brody’s ass.

Dakota Ford and Brody Lasko

Trade Off

Dec 12 2014
Zak Parker and Tyler Whit

Zak Parker and Tyler White

The time has come for Zak to bottom, finally! We’ve seen that hole up on the air while fucking other boys, but today we’ll finally get to see him get violated. Tyler White will be doing the honors and also offering up his own ass in return.

As soon as they get on the couch, Tyler practically attacks Zak, kissing him and snatching his clothes of. Once all those pesky clothes are out of the way Tyler wraps his lips around Zak’s thick cock. Zak’s eyes roll deep into the back of his head as Tyler gets his dick dripping wet with saliva. Once he’s satisfied, Zak bends down into Tyler’s lap and puts his mouth to good use. “Oh shit!” Tyler moans while Zak munches on his cock lustfully. Tyler takes over and begins to gently fuck his mouth.

They quickly make their way over to the bed. Zak pushes his prick right inside with very little hesitation. Zak takes it like a pro, showing barely any pain! He calmly jacks his dick while Tyler set about pummeling his man pussy. Tyler moans loudly as his balls slap against Zak’s freshly de-virginized ass. Soon, Zak is flipped over and fucked hard from the back. I know it’s his first time but Zak takes dick like a veteran.

Speaking of taking dick like a veteran: Tyler pulls out of Zak’s ass and bends over to offer his hole. Zak accepts and squeezes his cock inside. He grips Tyler by the hips and continuously bangs into him, battering his insides. After a nice hard fuck the boys sit down on the couch to release their thick hot loads.

 Zak Parker and Tyler White

Fuck Them, Get Money

Dec 11 2014
Zak Parker and Dakota Ford

Zak Parker and Dakota Ford

Our new boy, Zak Parker will be taking on SB;s resident bottom, Dakota Ford. Dakota is looking forward to being in a scene with someone that hasn’t been in the industry that long. I guess he likes that new car smell. Don’t we all?

The studs start off on the couch just shooting the breeze. Dakota finds out that Zak is a little shy so he decides to take the initiative and lays some lip action on Dakota. The boys quickly lose their clothes and Dakota stuffs his gums with Zak’s hot prick. Zak is fully aroused within seconds. He caresses Dakota’s head, encouraging him to keep going. Dakota needs little encouragement, even as a straight boy he’s gotten used to sucking dick. Dakota lies back on the couch where Zak fucks his mouth and throat. Dakota jacks off fervently while getting face pounded. They get into the 69 position; allowing us to not only get to see their head skills but a peek at Zak’s tight hole. Just the sight of that hot hole has me drooling.

Zak pops up and quickly packs his beef into Dakota’s waiting ass. He has Dakota moaning form pleasure almost instantaneously. Zak lifts Dakota’s legs so that he can get every inch of his dick inside. Dakota tries to cover his mouth to muffle his moans, but the pleasure is just too much and they come through regardless. Dakota, takes control by riding Zak’s wood. He reaches back and spreads his cheeks apart while bouncing up and down. He twists around, into reverse cowboy to better grind that rod into dust! When it’s all said and done Dakota spews cum all over the floor and Zak aims his load perfectly onto Dakota’s scruffy ass.

Zak Parker and Dakota Ford Raw

Simply Manhandled

Dec 9 2014
Ian Dempsey and Vadim Black

Ian Dempsey and Vadim Black

How is it that Vadim and Ian haven’t been paired together before? These two are so fucking hot that I can’t afford to waste any time on an intro. Let’s do this.

The boys embrace and begin kissing softly while peeling each other’s shirts off. While continuing to kiss, Ian’s hand explores Vadim’s chiseled body. The boys get completely naked and assume the 69 position in order to taste each other’s hardening cocks. They swivel and bob their heads on each other’s dicks, until they are both fully erect.

Ian pulls Vadim to the edge of the bed and slowly pushes his dick inside. He gets every inch inside and gives Vadim a moment to get used to it before really puts his cock to work. Ian hold Vadim’s’ legs apart while plunging his ass with that thick dick of his. He stops momentarily to kiss Vadim more. Unable to decide between slowing down and kissing those luscious lips or continuing to fuck that tight ass; Ian pulls Vadim even closer so that he can do both. He then picks Vadim completely off of the bed and fucks him while Vadim holds on tightly. Vadim moans and groans while being manhandled by Ian. Ina gets his fuck boy back on the bed and continues to stroke his hole deeply. Once on all fours, Vadim opens up nicely and allows Ian to really batter that booty. Ian does a very good job of walking the line between love making and fucking; that takes skill folds. His skill and ability as a top are written all over Vadim’s lusty face, and evident in his sultry panting. Ian shuts him up briefly by tying up his tongue with his own. These two are so into each other that when the cum there’s boy batter everywhere; all over Vadim’s back, ass, and abs.

Ian Dempsey and Vadim Black

Three course meal

Dec 7 2014
Tyler, Brody, Vadim 3 Way

Tyler, Brody, and Vadim 3 Way

Yum! Tyler White, Brody Lasko, and Vadim Black, altogether in one room?! These are arguable the three hottest guys BSB has to offer and they’re set to give each other the business.

The boys, sides by side on the bed, begin kissing and fondling one another. Vadim attacks Tyler and pulls his pants off while Tyler and Vadim suck face. Soon, Vadim and Brody are taking turns sucking Tyler’s thick cock. Tyler has the pleasure of having one hot guy devour his dick while another toys with his nipples. Tyler can’t help but to moan loudly as these two boys compete for his affection with their tongues and lips. Ready to return the favor, Tyler bends over and sucks on Brody’s cock while Vadim continues to play with his. Tyler switches and begins to gobble on Vadim’s meat.

After some steamy foreplay, Brody gets bent over the bed and Tyler all but shoves his cock in his as. If Brody has an objection we won’t’ be able to hear it because Vadim already has his meat rod in his mouth. Tyler fucks Brody hard but not hard enough to distract him from giving Vadim some awesome head action. Eager to feel Brody’s insides, Vadim drags him to the edge of the bed and takes over fucking. Tyler stands on top of the bed and stuffs his cock in Vadim’s mouth before tea bagging Brody.

Brody won’t be the only one getting fucked. Vadim lays Tyler down and sits right on his cock and begins to use it as his personal toy. He rides hard while Brody sucks Tyler’s dick. After taking as much wood as he can, Vadim lays down and lets his two partners rain cum down on him. HOT!

 Tyler, Brody, and Vadim 3 way

Ian, the Teacher; Zak, the Student

Dec 2 2014
Ian Dempsey and Zak Parker Raw

Ian Dempsey and Zak Parker Raw

Zak Parker may be new to BSB but in my opinion he’s getting preferential treatment as he’s going to be able to fuck Ian Dempsey his first time out of the gate. Zak has decided to make a little more money for his tuition with BSB and he’s being rewarded with getting some of the best ass BSB has to offer.

Right from the start these boys all over each other. Ian is doing all he can to get Zak comfortable and it seems to be working. While kissing, Ian’s hand finds its way up Zak’s shorts. Zak’s hand makes a similar trip and he is soon jacking Ian off. Ian kisses his way down to Zak’s cock and he wraps his lips around it. Zak’s eyes roll to the back of his head as Ian’s head continues to bob up and down on his beautiful meat pole.

The boys separate long enough for Ian to lube his ass. He lays face down on the bed, offering his sweet hole to the newbie, who gently presses inside. It doesn’t take him long to find his rhythm. Zak fucks him slowly while takin time to plant a few more kissing on Ian. Zak grabs Ian by the hips and pulls him up. He picks up the pace and begins to fuck that ass like pussy. Ian’s ass bounces off Zak beautifully. That is the best part about watching Ina get fucked. Zak gets Ian on his back, allowing Ian to stroke his cock while getting pounded. He doesn’t have to do all the work because Zak stops fucking him momentarily to taste his dick once more. Once he resumes pummeling his hole, it’s only a matter of time before Ian blasts hot jizz all over his abs. Zak cums al lover his mentor’s pubes. The scene ends lite it began, with a gentle yet steamy kiss.

Ian Dempsey and Zak Parker Raw

Vadim Back on Top

Nov 29 2014
Vadim Black and Dakota Ford Raw

Vadim Black and Dakota Ford Raw

Vadim and Dakota are in the studio and are more than ready to perform for us. They’ve both been under a little stress lately. Vadim is dealing with a new relationship and Dakota is hunting for a new career. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Vadim fuck a dude but he’s going to get back in the swing of things by fucking the resident BSB bottom, Dakota. I can’t wait.

They start with some hot lip action on the couch before casting off their clothes. Dakota just can’t wait to pop Vadim’s meat stick into his mouth. “Yes, suck that dick”, Vadim moans over and over. Dakota does just that while holding onto Vadim’s balls. The boys alternate from 69ing to Dakota fucking Vadim’s skull. Vadim may be topping today, but the boy knows how to please some dick. Just watching him work Dakota’s prick gives me a woody I can’t ignore. BRB!

Dakota lays back and lubes Vadim’s dick. Once he’s nice and wet, Vadim pushes right into Dakota’s hot ass. Dakota’s face reveals just how much pleasure he is driving form having his hole filled by Vadim sausage. Vadim rams his cock in over and over while holding Dakota’s lets wide apart. Dakota gets up and rides Vadim in reverse cowboy. This must be his favorite position, because he’s groaning in delight right from the start. He bounces so hard on Vadim’s dick that it makes me think he’s going to break it. Vadim puts Dakota on all fours and reinserts his dick, once again taking control. I’m drooling, as Vadim’s chiseled body bangs against Dakota’s. I’m still drooling but dumping my load right when Dakota shoots his all over his abs. Vadim stands and squirts cum everywhere. I can’t believe these two haven’t been together before!

Vadim Black and Dakota Ford Raw

Just Taste It

Nov 29 2014
Brody Lasko and Zak Parker

Brody Lasko and Zak Parker

Zak Parker is new to BSB so of course we’ve got to break him in with a nice BJ form one of our own. Brody Lasko has stepped up to do the honors and is eager to play the mentor role with a newbie. Zak is nervous but he’ll get past it.

Brody gets things heated up with some timid kissing. Zak is caught off guard at first but he closes his eyes and goes with it. Slowly but surely, Zak clothes begin to disappear until he’s got nothing on but some bright yellow briefs. Brody pulls Zak’s cock out before completely peeling his undies off. He wraps his lips around Brody’s cock as Zak just sits back and enjoys having a boy work him over. Brody removes his clothes and gives Zak some more lip service before getting back to work on Zak’s thick dick. Zak mentioned in his interview that he loves a girl with stamina. Brody is no girl but I think he could go a while if he wanted to. Zak stands up and puts his cock into Brody’s face, who devours it once more before requesting to see Zak’s ass. Zak obliges. He turns around and gleefully shows off his nicely toned ass. Brody compliments him by smacking it and spreading his cheeks so that we can see his asshole. Hopefully, that’s a preview of what’s to come with Zak. I’d love to see this stud take cock.

Zak stands on top of the couch where he begins to fuck Brody’s mouth. Brody is turning into a real pro; he doesn’t gag at all.

Brody Lasko and Zak Parker

Yeah, Just Like That

Nov 28 2014
Taylor White and Brody Lasko

Taylor White and Brody Lasko

Tyler is back and I don’t know about you but I’m happy to see that he’s got a haircut. Today we’ve got him paired up with Brody, and they’re expected to flip…RAW. This is a pairing that I’ve been looking forward to, let’s get started.

Kissing, Brody and Tyler are all over each other from the beginning. Brody’s hand finds itself fondling and rubbing Tyler’s dick through his jeans. They quickly get rid of his clothes and Brody uses his oral skills to show Tyler just how much he’s learned in the past few months. Brody takes every inch of it down his throat before Tyler drags him to the side of the bed and shows him his own oral skills. Tyler’s full lips glide up and down Brody’s stiff dick.

Wasting no time, Tyler spreads Brody’s legs and pushes his cock deep inside, making Brody scream out in pleasure. Tyler fucks Brody like it’s been years since he’s had any. Brody holds on tightly to the sheets, trying his best to brace himself against Tyler’s strokes. Brody flips over and gets on all fours where Tyler continues to bully his hole into nothingness.

Brody, ready for revenge turns Tyler around and lubes him up. He squeezes his thick cock into Brody’s tight boy pussy and starts stroking him hard and deep. Tyler’s ass isn’t huge, but the one he has is bouncing as Brody pounds him. Brody not only strokes Zeno’s insides, but he only strokes his cock while sending him into a frenzy. They transition into missionary position where Brody drills his insides, kissing his body all over Tyler while calls out in pleasure. Tyler cums on his stomach while Tyler is still inside him Tyler pulls out dumps a huge load on Tyler.

Tyler White And Brody Lasko

The Kid is Back!

Nov 27 2014
Dakota Ford and James Riley

Dakota Ford and James Riley

The newbie, James Riley is back and is anxious to make some cash. He’s been paired with BSB veteran Dakota Ford, who’s going to show him the oral ropes. Both of them are horny and ready to get off. That makes three of us!

They get things popping by watching a little bit of porn on Dakota’s phone while rubbing their dicks. Dakota takes initiative and pulls James’s dick out of his pants and starts sucking on it. James keeps his eyes trained on the porn. The combination of James’ warm mouth wrapped around his cock and the porn do the trick; he’s hard as a rock in no time. Dakota sucks on it and gently strokes it. James’ hand sneaks over and it’s soon all over Dakota’s man rod.

The boys finally lose their clothes and James lays back on the couch where Dakota takes his dick in hand and continues to lick and suck on it. He’s got James moaning and I’m pretty sure that he’s not even concerned that it’s a guy giving him head. Dakota gets up and James doesn’t hesitate when he’s told to put Dakota’s dick in his mouth. This may be his first time tasting cock but he looks like he knows what he’s doing. He even takes getting his mouth fucked like a pro. Soon James has Dakota hanging off of the couch where he continues to give him a hot blow job. Dakota is panting hard as he takes over and starts to fuck his mouth again.

They sit back on the couch where they jack each other off. That’s round two of James’ introduction to BSB. I’m  looking forward to his next one.

Dakota Ford and James Riley

Not Your Average…

Nov 25 2014
Introducing James Riley

Introducing James Riley

James Riley may not be your average clean cut, ripped porn star, but he is cute and broke, just the way we like them. He says that if the mood is right, he’d be okay with getting oral from a dude and maybe reciprocating. Today he’s just going to show off for us so let’s see what he’s got.

He’s positioned on the stairs, where he’s fondling his growing cock. James jacks off while leaning back on the stairs. This kid has a nice thick cock for sure! I would definitely like to see him paired up with Ronan Kennedy or Brandon Beal. He and Ronan could sword fight with those big pricks of theirs and I’d love to see Brandon’s soft ass ripped open by James’s dick. During his solo, James also lets us see his ass as he simulates fucking. I know he’s new to the site and it will probably take him some time to warm up to the idea, but I’m sure James wouldn’t mind  letting Zeno pop his cherry (for the right price) for all of the BSB fans to see.

But let’s focus on the present. James is moaning and groaning while stroking his hard cock. This kid is quite horny, so horny that the starts to fuck his hand through the railing on the stairs. He sits back down and gives the camera a sultry look and busts a nice load all over his hairy abdomen. James seems intelligent and like he’s got a good head on his shoulders. He also has a different look than most of our other models, so he definitely adds variety. I’m looking forward to seeing what he brings.

Introducing James Riley

More Please

Nov 24 2014
Zeno Kostas Fucks Brandon Beal

Zeno Kostas Fucks Brandon Beal

Here’s a yummy pair: Zeno Kostas and Brandon Beal. Brandon hasn’t had time to get laid so he’s definitely come to the right place to get off and get paid. Zeno will take great care of him as he usually does.

No time is wasted; they go right in for some steamy kissing while tossing their clothes. Zeno gently plays with Brandon’s cock as they continue to swap spit. Brandon sits down and Brandon starts to suck Zeno’s pierced nipples before standing up and putting his dick into his mouth. Zeno takes all of Brandon’s meat down his throat. Brandon holds his head to make sure that Zeno can’t go too far. They move over to the bed and Zeno sits back as Brandon spits and sucks on his thick cock. Zeno tenderly runs his fingers through his hair, moaning from pleasure. Not wanting this dick to get dry, Brandon gets into the 69 position. He fucks Zeno’s mouth while devouring his cock. I wish I could slide right between them!

Brandon lubes Zeno’s raw cock and hops right on. It’s clear that it has been a while because he uses Brandon’s cock like a toy. Zeno holds on while being rode hard by Brandon. He slaps his ass and takes control. Zeno bends him over the chair and fucks him hard from the back, ramming his with everything he has. They switch positions one more time before they both cum, almost simultaneously, on Brandon’s stomach.

Zeno Kostas Fucks Brandon Beal

Brody opened up

Nov 17 2014
Ayden Troy Fucks Brody Lasko

Ayden Troy Fucks Brody Lasko

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Ayden Troy. Since he’s been gone, he’s added a tattoo of his son’s name to his collection of tats. He’s going to add a new boy to his virgin ass collection today; Brody Lasko. That’s right, its time for this newbie to get the ribbon cut on that cute ass of his.

Stripped down to their underwear, the boys begin with some gentle kissing . Brody takes off his last bit of clothing, exposing his rock hard dick. Ayden takes the bait and wraps his lip around it. Devouring over half of it. He licks up and down the shaft, getting it nice and wet. Brody sounds pleased, as he watches Ayden’s mouth glide up and down his cock. Ayden stands, allowing Brody to show him his own head skills. Brody hasn’t been around long but he’s already come to take Ayden’s dick in all the way down to the base. He gently fondles Ayden’s s balls while feeding on his fat dick.

Brody gets on the floor and willingly offers his ass to Ayden. Ayden wastes no time; he gently pushes his cock in. He starts off with some nice slow strokes, letting Brody’s tight hole get used to the pressure. Ayden loves every bit of this virgin man pussy. He moans and groans with every penetrating pump. They move over to the bed where Brody sits on his cock and starts bouncing. His virgin hole is loosening up quite nicely, so Ayden begins to pound him hard from below. Ayden bends him over on the bed and continues stroking his insides. That cute hairy asshole is taking everything Ayden’s big cock can give. Brody releases a juicy load while getting dicked from the back; not bad for a first timer. Ayden pulls out and cums on Ayden’s ass. Nice way to open up what I hope will be a well-used ass on BSB.

Ayden Troy Fucks Brody Lasko

Fat Cock versus Phat Ass

Nov 15 2014
Paul Canon Fucks Conner Chesney

Paul Canon Fucks Conner Chesney

Fan favorite Paul Canon is back in town and he’s being treated to a nice bubble ass; Conner’s ass to be exact. It’s a rare treat to see Conner bottom so I’m not going to waste any time. Paul’s fat cock versu Conner’s phat ass? I’m in!

Paul pulls down his jeans to give Conner a preview of his cock. Conner takes the invitation and begins to suck on it. It gets nice and wet before Paul stands up on the chair and starts to smoothly face fuck Conner. Conner stands up and loses his clothes before Paul goes down on him. Paul’s mouth takes in Conner’s entire ginger pole. His heavy breathing tells me that Paul is giving him his top notch head game; probably the best that BSB as to offer.

The fellas transition and Paul puts Conner on his back. He slides right into his ass and is hammering away in no time. He strokes Conner’s insides with his huge pecker, making Conner grunt wildly. They move over to the bed where Paul forces Conner to lay face down. He pushes his dick back inside and starts to make Conner’s phat ass bounce. Conner’s ass is epic…period. It’s big enough to fight back, and that’s just the way I like it. Paul is dripping with sweat. He is definitely getting a workout as he tries to tame that beast of a booty. Finally, they get into my favorite position, doggy; where Conner’s gluteal mass is truly on display. Paul repeatedly rams his body and cock into Conner, making sure he feels every bit of him inside. Conner releases a creamy load, while Paul bangs his brains out. Unable to hold out, Paul soon adds his own sperm babies to the mix. I definitely want to see Conner get fucked more, that red hot ass of his is what keeps me going.

Paul Canon Fucks Conner Chesney

Orgy Pool

Nov 14 2014
Ian, Brody, Ronan, and David Orgy

Ian, Brody, Ronan, and David Orgy

How does a simple game of pool turn into an orgy? When the stakes revolve around a blow job. Once Ian makes his final shot, Brody gets down on his knees to pay up. He pulls Ian’s dick right through his BSB underwear and begins to suck on it. It’s safe to say that despite his newbie status, he’s becoming one of the best cocksucker s on the site. As he gives s was world class blow job; their buddies, Ronan and David watch and begin to stroke their cocks.

Brody stands and Ian starts to fondle his cock before getting on his knees and taking full advantage of the boy’s hard on. Ian sucks that meat-sicle like a true cock hungry pro. Brody moans in pleasure as their audience continues to stroke. Brody bends Ian over the pool table and pushes his pole deep inside. Once he’s in, all bets are off. He fucks Ian nice and hard. Ian’s ass bounces nicely off Brody, what a delicious site.

Sick of just watching Brody get all the action, Ronan comes over and takes over fucking Ian while David gets on his knees and services Brody. Ian groans out as Ronan’s big monster cock stretches his hole even more. Being the pro that he is, Ian takes every inch of it. The boys switch, allowing David to get his chance to fuck Ian’s juicy booty on the pool table. Brody and Ronan also end up on the pool table, making out and exchanging blow jobs. After getting a blow job form David, Ian gets on his knees and lets all three boys cum on him at the same time. Ian releases his load after the first drop lands on his chest. I should play pool more.

Ian, Brody, Ronan, and David Orgy


Nov 13 2014
Blake Savage Fucks Brandon Beal

Blake Savage Fucks Brandon Beal

As soon as the scene starts things are already heating up. Blake Savage and Brandon Beal are all over each other; kissing and rubbing each other’s’ growing bulges. They quickly loose the clothes and Brandon begins to devour Blake’s huge dick. Brandon is not shy when it comes to giving head. This boy takes every inch of it in his mouth and from the sound of it, Blake is enjoying every moment. Blake trades places with him and serves some head in return.

Before we know it, Blake has Brandon bent over the sofa and he is tearing into his ass. Brandon has one of the juiciest asses on BSB so my dick is at its chubbiest while watching it get battered. Blake makes sure that Brandon’s hole meets every bit of his man bat. He strokes hard and deep. Brandon takes over and sits on Blake’s cock. Brandon rides Blake hard before being turned around and fucked even harder from the back. But it’s the way that they finish that makes me lose my load. Blake has Brandon on his back and is pumping him nice and deep, giving me a chance to see just how full his ass is. He pulls out and fires a huge load on Brandon’s chest. Brandon unleashes next, cumming so hard it makes him shake.

These two definitely know how to wet my appetite.

Blake Savage Fucks Brandon Beal

Laying it down

Nov 11 2014


Blake Savage Fucks Vadim Black

Blake Savage Fucks Vadim Black

Here’s a pair that personally, I’ve been waiting for: Vadim Black and Blake Savage. They partied all night but this morning they’ll have to put in some work. I can’t wait to see Blake rip Vadim a new one.

The boys begin with some juicy tongue swapping while playing with each other’s cocks. Blake lays Vadim back and wraps his warm mouth around his dick. Vadim’s cock grows harder the wetter it gets. Once fully erect, Vadim gets on his knees to service Blake. His oral skills work their magic. Seeing how far Vadim has come in the oral department is inspiring. Blake’s cock stiffens while he breathes heavily in pleasure.

Blake lays on his back and Vadim slides right on his pole. This kid is now a pro at riding cock, he’s bouncing up and down in no time. Vadim takes every inch of that sweet man pole. Blake puts Vadim on all fours and rams his cock back inside. He starts out doing the fucking but Vadim starts to back his hungry ass back on the dick. Vadim fucks Blake’s dick hard, officially making it his toy. Blake regains control once he puts Vadim on his back. He unleashes on his holes trying to split him in tow. The pounding feels so good that Vadim begs him not to stop. But Blake can’t help it; he pulls out and squirts a nice warm load all over Vadim. Vadim squeezes out a thick load of his own moments later.

Blake Savage Fucks Vadim Black

Put your weight into it

Nov 8 2014
Conner Chesney Fucks David Hardy

Conner Chesney Fucks David Hardy

David is already back and this time he’ll be getting that newbie ass fucked by the one and only Conner Chesney. David blew me away with his topping skills so I’m anxious to see how he takes to his first time bottoming for us.

These two waste no time. They shed their clothes quickly and begin to fondle on another. They sit back on the couch and Conner wraps those lusty lips around David’s hot dick. Conner takes almost all of it down his throat as David reaches around and jacks him off. David gets on his hands and knees and returns the favor while showing off the arch of his back and his ass. Conner cops a nice feel, grabbing and slapping David’s juicy buns.

David lies on his back and allows Conner to lube his tight hole. Conner also teases it with a dildo, priming that ass for a good fuck. Once his ass is prepped and ready Conner gives him the real thing. He slides his dick in nice and slow. David moan’s out in pleasure so Conner takes that as a cue to really start fucking him. Conner bangs that boy pussy hard while David begs for more. I’ve said it before and I mean it; Conner knows how to put his weight into every stroke. Just watching him makes my asshole throb! He holds David’s legs apart while constantly shoving his dick inside him. He flips David’s pretty ass around and continues to fuck the brakes off of him. This newbie is getting all he can handle and more from Conner. Conner is fucking that ass like it’s loose pussy, no holds barred. Soon, David takes over by riding Conner. He bounces up and down, tacking every inch of Conner’s meat stick. David is proving to be just as good a bottom as he is a top.

Conner bends him over one last time and soon they both send globs of sperm and cum all over David’s body. Okay! That scene was fucking hot! More please! Now!

Conner Chesney Fucks David Hardy

David and Goliath

Nov 6 2014
David Hardy Tops Ronan Kennedy

David Hardy Tops Ronan Kennedy

We’ve got a new kid, David Hardy. He’s a hot 22 year old newbie who truly enjoys sex. Today he’s going to continue breaking in Ronan’s sweet hole. He’s a little nervous but this guy is fan oriented and he’ll push through his never for us. Ronan better be ready because David doesn’t seem like the type to take prisoners once he gets started.

It’s Ronan who kicks thing off by going in for a steamy kiss. David reciprocates and they fondle on another. They begin to undress and Ronan finds himself on his knees with David’s nice dick in his mouth. He works David over good with his mouth before switching places. David gets a first-hand look at just how big Ronan’s cock is. They move over to the couch where David continues to try to take it all into his mouth. Ronan stands up and begins to fuck David’s mouth.

David lays back, straps on, lubes up and waits for Ronan. Ronan wastes no time, he sits right on David’s pole and begins to ride. Soon David takes over and begins to fuck his fuck toy hard form the back. Ronan turns over and David continues to fiercely pound him while pulling his hair. Ronan lies on the couch and David lifts one of his hairy legs into the air and pounds his cock even deeper inside. He jacks Ronan; thick cock while continuing to blast his hole. Soon, they’re in my personal favorite position, with David beating Ronan’s booty form the back. David may be new but this id knows how to fuck. I’m jealous of Ronan; I wish it was my hole getting pounded like that. Ronan releases a creamy load right before David deposits his own man milk on Ronan ass.

David Hardy Takes Ronan Kennedy’s Little Ass

A van, two hot guys, and a baby giraffe?

Nov 4 2014
Damien Kyle Blows Salem Pierce

Damien Kyle Blows Salem Pierce

Damien has always been known for being the first to lend a helping hand. So it was no surprise when he decided to tag along to pick up one of the new boys. But once hunky Salem Pierce is in the van it’s clear that Damien has other things on his mind.

Damien coerces Salem into getting his feet (and dick) wet before even reaching the BSB house, and Salem obliges. Damien starts by fondling Salem’s budding boner through his sexy blue undies. It’s already apparent that it huge! My suspicion is confirmed as soon as it pops out. Damien’s mouth must be watering just at the sight of it. He wraps his lips around it and goes in! He only gives Salem a brief pause and that’ to get those pants off. Once they’re off, Damien gets back to work, steadily bobbing up and down. Salem’s dick gets bigger and bigger as Salem watches.

Then things get interesting. Damien stops and tries to get Salem to suck his dick. At first Damien says no, but he soon changes his mind when he’s offered $300 to do the deed. Salem starts off pretty slow but he gets some pointers from Damien and we see the results instantly; Damien’s cock gets brick hard. Salem goes deep enough on the dick to produce tears. The boys jack their dicks and Damien mentions that he wants to cum on Salem’s face but of course Salem’s no going to do that for free. He wasn’t 50 more dollars and a baby giraffe. Salem cums and he busts a nice load all over his chest and abs. I’m definitely looking forward to watching this stud in some hardcore action.

Damien Kyle Teaches Salem Pierce How To Suck Cock

I’ll take care of you

Nov 4 2014
Zeno Fucks Sebastian Wilde

Zeno Fucks Sebastian Wilde

The boys are lying out in the sun; tanning hose beautiful bodies of theirs when they notice that they’re being spied on. THE boys cover up but their modesty doesn’t last long as they become tempted into heating things up.

They start off with some heavy duty making out and playing with each other’s cocks. Sebastian begins to chew on Zeno’s pierced nipples before standing up and letting Zeno taste his cock. Zeno does more than taste, he devours it! Dude goes hard, getting his sweet saliva everywhere. He lies back and Sebastian puts his mouth to use, giving as good as he got. There’s only a pause when Zeno beats Sebastian’s tongue with is dick.

Sebastian turns around and shows off his ass. Zeno smacks it before rimming and fingering the hole. Zeno turns his boy hold into both and toy and a meal before lubing it up. He then slides his hard cock right into him. He goes slowly at first, carefully pushing every inch in. And then on command, he instantly starts to pound that ass; whispering “I’ll take care of you”. The hand print from Zeno’s spanking is still visible on Sebastian’s ass. Zeno sits down and let’s Sebastian ride his long cock. Sebastian’s ass is wide open so he slides right on and begins to bounce; Zeno puts Sebastian on his back and fucks him silly until he cums heavily on AND in Sebastian’s hole.

Watch Zeno Fuck Sebastian Here

Fucked on the nightstand

Oct 22 2014
Conner Fucks Ian

Conner Fucks Ian

Conner is sticking around and today he is going to be rewarded for his loyalty with some of Ian’s ass. If Ian is anything like me, then his ass must be aching in anticipation of feeling Conner’s hot dick inside of him.

Ian gets down on his knees and begins to suck Conner’s dick like a boy in heat. Anyone who has been a fan of BSB knows that Ian is definitely one of the best cock suckers around. So it should be no surprise that the way he blows Conner has my pants shrinking. Ian licks every vein on Conner’s shaft and consistently takes it deep. Once they switch places, Conner returns the favor; taking more than half of Ian’s large man bat.

Conner bends Ian over the bed and pushes his big prick right inside of his hole. Conner does not waste any time pounding away. This is one boy that knows how to put his weight into a good fuck. Ian sounds like he’s definitely enjoying it, moaning and grunting in pleasure. Conner tosses the lamp on the night stand aside and replaces it with Ian. That right. Ian gets fucked deep and hard on the night stand! Conner is a good rough fuck and I love it! By the time the boys switch positions they’re ready to burst. They both bust thick wads of cum all over Ian’s body.

Watch Conner Fuck Ian on the Nightstand here

Boys will be…

Oct 22 2014
Conner Chesney Returns To Bsb To Flip Fuck Ronan Kennedy

Conner Chesney Returns To Bsb To Flip Fuck Ronan Kennedy

Conner is back! He’s got some muscle on him now and I’m happy to see it. Today he’s been paired up with the residential grunge boy Ronan. The boys engage in some normal boy talk. You know, talking about getting and giving blow jobs and taking dick…the usual.

Once inside the studio the boys undress and ho onto the bed. Conner digs into Ronan’s boxers and finds his thick hard dick. Ronan does the same. They begin to fondle each other’s cocks before Conner finally gets his mouth around Ronan’s boner. It’s been a while for Conner. He almost chokes on that monster before getting a handle on things. He is blonde head bobs up and down, barely able to get half of the dick in his mouth. Once its Ronan’s turn to suck cock, he grabs Conner’s balls and inhales in. This boy is really starting to like the taste of cock.

Ronan is first to bottom and Conner can’t wait. Ronan braces himself against the wall as he gets pounded from behind. I love Conner’s thickness. He uses all of his weight to pummel Ronan’s hot hole. After working that ass over, Conner lubes up and prepares himself to take Ronan’s thick beast of a dick. Conner sits right on it and its clear from his face that he feels like he’s going to explode from the inside out. But nonetheless he bounces up ad down on the dick like a true pro. I can only imagine how good that big bubble ass must feel wrapped around Ronan’s cock.

Once they’ve had their fill of fucking the boys lie side by side and jack off. They blow healthy and creamy loads all over themselves. It doesn’t end there. WE get to see these hunks shower off. Does it get any better?

Check out Conner Chesney and Ronan Kennedy here

The beast within

Oct 17 2014
Straight Boys Zeno Kostas Fucks Blake Savage Bareback

Straight Boys Zeno Kostas Fucks Blake Savage Bareback

A storm may have ruined their big plans for hiking today, but I’m sure these two can find something to do. Zeno was itching for a hike, there’s no doubt in my mind that fucking Blake’s nice juicy ass will more than make up for it.

After losing their clothes the boys grab a handful of each other’s cocks and gently begin to stroke each other. Their dicks get stiffer and stiffer until Blake’s has outgrown Zeno’s hand. Zeno relieves his hand of duty and begins to use his mouth instead. Zeno lets Blake’s entire monster find its way down his throat. And being the tease that he is, Zeno props his ass up and shows off his hot man hole while swallowing Blake’s shaft. Zeno stands up on the bed and Blake sucks his dick. Blake has Zeno panting in pleasure in no time. They get down on to the bed and get into the 69 position-giving each other mind blowing blow jobs.

Zeno lies back and Blake carefully slides on to his cock. Once he’s on, he begins to ride Zeno hard. Blake soon gets on his back and lets Zeno take over. He starts off with some slow strokes but once he gets his rhythm he begins to dig deeper and faster. Blake transitions and gets on his knees where Zeno spreads his cheeks and continues to fuck the shit out of him until he busts a nice creamy load on Blake’s ass. Blake flips over and fires hot cum all over his chest.

Watch Zeno Kostas Fuck Blake Savage Raw

Pumping Vadim

Oct 14 2014
Brandon Beal Fucks Vadim Black Tight Ass

Brandon Beal Fucks Vadim Black Tight Ass

Brandon walks in on Vadim pumping some iron. Vadim wants a real workout so he invites him into the bedroom. The boys begin kissing heavily while undressing. Vadim instructs Brandon to sit back before inserting his dick into his mouth. While Brandon gets to feast on Vadim’s cock we get to feast on the sight that is Vadim’s tight ass.

The boys get into a 69 position and devour each other’s cocks. Vadim even begins to fuck Brandon’s mouth. They get each other’s cocks nice and sloppy wet. Ready to get fucked, Vadim bends over the chair and Brandon jumps right into his ass, beating it down with his cock. Brandon’s cock looks like it barely fits in the hole; Vadim is definitely packed tight. “Pound that ass, pound that ass!” Vadim yells and Brandon obliges. He holds Vadim by the hips and is drilling Vadim deep. Even when Vadim is on his back the battering doesn’t stop; not until Brandon blows a nice load on to Vadim, followed closely by a load of his own. What a hot fuck!

Click here to see Vadim get plowed by Brandon

Fair Trade

Oct 13 2014
Ronan Kennedy And Brody Lasko Get Some Oral Action

Ronan Kennedy And Brody Lasko Get Some Oral Action

We’ve got two newbies together today. The grudge twink, Ronan will be exchanging blow jobs with the blonde twink, Brody. This will be Brody’s first time giving a blow job and he’ll have to learn quick because Ronan’s cock is huge and can do damage.

Ronan kicks things off by kissing Brody and rubbing on the stiffy that is peeking through his jeans. Ronan gets on his knees and gives Brody and preview of what’s to come by wrapping his lips around his dick. The boys finish undressing and get on the bed where Ronan continues to work on Brody’s long cock. Brody runs his fingers through Ronan’s hair, approving of the job that he is doing. Ready to put his virgin mouth to use; Brody moves to the side of the bed where Ronan sticks his large prick down his throat. Brody licks all over it, and sucks gently on the head. Brody isn’t done. He bends down and starts to suck Brody’s cock again.

Brody sits up and takes over. He is determined to conquer the monster that is Ronan’s cock. He almost gets all of it down his throat! If he keeps practicing he may become the go to boy for head around BSB. Ronan decides he wants more of Brody’s dick and he takes it. He wraps his mouth and hand around Brody’s cock and gets back to work, bobbing up and down on it. And voila! Brody nuts all over himself. Ronan lets Brody jack his dick until he shoots thick ropes of cum.

Watch Ronan Kennedy And Brody Lasko

Boy Beaters vs Jaw Breakers

Oct 6 2014
Ayden Troy Fucks Ronan Kennedy

Ayden Troy Fucks Ronan Kennedy

I’m so happy Ayden Troy is back around. He’s been working his ass off lately but today he’ll be rewarded with a little boy booty; Ronan’s booty that is. Ayden says that he is going to pretend that Ronan is his girlfriend while he fucks him. I hope Ronan is ready to have his ass plowed like pussy.

Ayden can’t even get undressed before Ronan pulls his cock out and begins to suck and slurp all over it. Ayden soon shows the same enthusiasm and tries to take as much of Ronan’s dick in his mouth as he can That’s a tall order though as Ronan’s dick has been officially classified as a jaw breaker.

Once it’s time to fuck, Ronan slowly sits on Ayden’s boy beater. It takes him a couple of minutes to get used to it but when he does he picks up the pace; bouncing up and down on every inch of it. Ayden looks like he’s almost in a trance, that hole must feel awesome. Ronan turns around and rides it in reverse while Ayden jacks him off. While they fuck, I can only imagine why neither of them has busted yet. I wouldn’t be able to contain myself with that kind of action! Ayden puts Ronan on his side and takes control, hitting every inch of wall space in Roan’s tights hole. After fucking his conquest from behind, Ayden cums hard…all over Ronan’s back. Ronan flips over and his face is beet red from getting pummeled; but he releases a fat load which tells me he didn’t mind so much.

Just when Ronan thought he was going to be the top dog around BSB, Ayden came along and wants to contend the throne. I wonder how many rounds these boys will go.

Check out the video right here!

Got milk?

Sep 27 2014
Zeno Fucks Vadim

Zeno Fucks Vadim

Two of the hottest boys that BSB has to offer: Zeno and Vadim have been paired together. Vadim has moved to south Florida where it’s hot and sticky (in more way than one I’m sure). Zeno has a new girlfriend because his old one couldn’t quite cope with his career. But his new one seems to be fine with it. Hopefully she won’t feel too threatened by how he fucks Vadim’s hot little ass.

The boys start off with some intense kissing and dick play. Vadim sits on the chair while Zeno gets a mouthful of his juicy cock Vadim’s dick swells in Zeno’s mouth. Zeno munches on the cock and plays with Vadim’s balls. Zeno only takes a break to taste Vadim’s lips. Once Vadim is nice and hard, he begins to tease Zeno’s pierced nipples with his teeth and tongue. Vadim then gets on his knees and almost swallows Zeno’s cock whole. He really goes and almost swallows Zeno’s cock whole. He really goes after it. Vadim swivels and bobs all over Zeno’s big cock, making him moan softly.

“Are you ready to fuck?” Zeno asks. Of course he is!

Vadim bends over and let’s Zeno get him nice and lubed. Afterwards Zeno squeezes his entire shaft inside and instantly has Vadim wailing. Zeno’s man bat is perfect: big enough for a challenge but too big to induce unnecessary pain. Vadim’s moans are a testament to this. Zeno slaps Vadim on his ass as if to claim it as his property. Zeno drills Vadim’s hole from a couple of angles before they’re both ready to burst. Finally, Zeno rips off his condom and fires his load right into Vadim’s mouth, leaving cum all over his lips! This sends Vadim over the edge and he releases some nice milky spunk onto his abs.

Vadim is quickly becoming BSB’s new resident bottom slut. Hopefully we’ll get to see Zeno train that booty again.

Check it out here!

Ian in control

Sep 21 2014

Here’s a combo we haven’t seen in a while: Kaden Alexander and Ian Dempsey. But there’s a small twist, today it will be Ian doing the fucking. I love watching Kaden’s tight, muscular, mixed ass get fucked.

After some hot kissing Ian finds his way down Kaden’s dick and takes all of it down his throat. Kaden sounds pleased, but that doesn’t stop him from fucking Ian’s pretty little mouth. Once his cock is soaking wet with saliva, Kaden pushes Ian back onto the bed and wraps his lips around his pole. Kaden goes ham; sucking like a dick starved junkie. He must be anticipating a pounding form Ian. He gets spit all over Ian’s rod.

Ian Dempsey Fucks Kaden Alexander

Ian Dempsey Fucks Kaden Alexander

Speaking of pounding, once he’s had his fill of Ian’s sausage Kaden lubes it and slides right on top of it. Riding reverse cowboy style, Kaden takes every inch of that dick. Over the years Kaden has not only gotten used to taking dick but may be growing to like it. He grinds and winds on Ian’s pole, thoroughly enjoying himself. Once Ian’s is in control, Kaden is bent over the bed and deeply plowed. It’s nice to see that hole opened wide. Once he’s ready to cum, Kaden’s fat dick releases a thick wad of cum. Ian pops off a nice load himself, getting Kaden nice and wet.

Watch Ian Fuck Kaden

Why are you so bouncy?

Sep 21 2014


We start with Tyler bouncing up and down on the bed. When asked why, he responds “because I’m getting fucked in the ass.” Indeed he is! I’d be bouncing up and down today too if I was going to get fucked by Skyler.

The boys take off their clothes and begin with some heavy petting and kissing. Skyler sits Tyler onto the bed and begins to suck his cock. Tyler’s blow job skills are some of the best that BSB has to offer. This takes Tyler’s full shaft down his throat and barely lets it out of his moth. Skyler stands up and Tyler returns the favor. He licks and swallows, leaving Skyler speechless.

Tyler gets on all fours on the bed and Skyler quickly finds his way to his hole. He wastes no time and starts pumping that ass fast. Tyler’s ass accepts Skyler’s entire rod and takes it. Skyler puts him onto the side and continues to drill his insides like he’s mining for something. The look on Tyler’s face says it all. He is a perfect mix of pain and pleasure. Once Tyler is on his back it doesn’t take long for him to release a huge load. Skyler pulls out and fires off an even bigger wad of hot man milk.

Watch Skyler Daniels Fuck Tyler White

2 x 2= Cum on my computer screen

Sep 20 2014


And another BSB orgy! It’s about to go down. This time we’ve got Vadim, Brandon, Zeno, and Blake. This is an interesting mix of guys and I can’t wait to see who’s going to do what. Let’s get it in!

The boys quickly lose their clothes and pair off; Vadim with Brandon and Zeno with Blake. It’s a scene of opposites attract as the smaller boys are all over their taller counterparts. Brandon quickly gets on his knees and begins to suck Vadim’s’ dick. He gets on his knees and begins to suck Vadim’s dick. He is soon joined on the floor by Blake who wraps his juicy lips around Zeno’s thick cock. Vadim is audibly pleased; verbally letting Brandon know that he’s doing an excellent job. While getting their dicks slobbered on, Vadim and Zeno begin to kiss. The boys transition into a cock serving chow line: Blake on Brandon, Zeno on Blake, and Vadim on Zeno. I would say me on Vadim but I think my invitation got lost in the mail L

After some very filling, sausage swallowing the boys move over to the bed. Brandon bends over and offers his ass to Blake while Vadim sits right on Reno’s cock. I’ve seen a lot of great asses on BSB; but Brandon’s is quickly making it to the top of the list. That beautiful bubble ass bounces right off of Blake. While watching those fleshy gloves get worked, Vadim demands that Zeno fuck him harder. Zeno of course obliges and begins to pound those cakes from below. Wanting to join in on Vadim’s rough treatment, Brandon smacks and playfully chokes him while continuing to get his hole drilled.

Our BSB boys are always down to share. Zeno makes his way over to Blake while Brandon gives up his booty to Zeno. Vadim works Blake’s dick over with his mouth before getting bent over the bed and pummeled from behind. They transition to Vadim getting spit roasted by Brandon nad Blake, while Brandon happily sucks Zeno’s dick.

When it’s time to cum these boys CUM! They all fire their loads all over Vadim. All except for Brandon, who shot his hot jizz right into Vadim’s pretty mouth. Hell even my load hit Vadim, albeit on the screen.

Hot, hot, hot scene boys!

Check it out here!

The Savior and the Pleaser

Sep 11 2014
Blake Savage Screws Ian Dempsey

Blake Savage Screws Ian Dempsey

As soon as this video starts its clear that these two are ready for action. Both Ian Dempsey and Blake Savage have nice healthy bulges, protruding from their shorts. They start talking about what they’ve been up to but I can’t concentrate; those big juicy cocks have me dick-ma-tized and drooling.

The boys don’t keep me waiting for long; they drop those pesky shorts and dig into each other faces with some lip action. They gently play with each other’s dicks before Ian stands on the bed and invites Blake to suck his cock. Blake wraps his juicy lips around it and proceeds to stroke and suck. Blake lies back onto the bed and gets his cock sucked, played with, and deep throated. Ian completely swallows Blake’s large dick. So hot!

Blake gets lubed and strapped and Ian sits right onto his dick. Ian may be straight but he absolutely no problem riding cock. I don’t know many gay boys that know how to ride as well as Ian. His rock hard rod flops around as Blake fucks him form below. Ian get on all fours and gets battered from behind by Blake. Ian probably has the best ass on this site and I love watching him get fucked. And Blake does a damn good job of it, delivering nice deep strokes.

When it’s time for these two studs to cum they both release huge loads. Blake’s even hit Ian in the face. Damn!

Check it out here!

Conceiving babies

Sep 7 2014
Ayden Troy Fucks Romeo James

Ayden Troy Fucks Romeo James

Look whose back! It’s Ayden Troy! He’s been gone for a while and has had a baby since we last saw him. Congratulations! Today he’s going to see if he can impregnate Romeo. Knowing this stud and the way he fucks, it just may be possible.

The fellas show off their hot bubble asses before kissing. Ayden quickly gets on his knees and starts to suck and feast on Romeo’s cock. For a straight boy, Ayden sure can take a lot of it. He swallows Romeo’s cock while gently holding onto his balls. Damn! I’ve missed him. Satisfied, Romeo sits Ayden down into the chair and takes his turn sucking. Like Ayden, Romeo is able to get almost all of it into his mouth. I forgot how big Ayden’s baby maker is. Romeo does good to make most of it disappear into his mouth.

The boys hop up and migrate over to the bed where Romeo lubes his sweet ass and waits obediently for Ayden. He doesn’t have to wait long; soon Ayden is deep inside of him and fucking him hard. Ayden’s body slams into Romeo’s over and over, making that slapping noise we all love. Romeo gets put on his sides and is plowed deeply. The boys deliver on hot session that ends with Romeo on his back covered with Ayden’s jizz.

I don’t think we’ll get a BSB baby but that shit was hot nonetheless.

Watch Ayden Troy Fuck Romeo James Here

The tides have turned: Ryan’s Revenge

Sep 7 2014
Ryan Fields Takes Tyler Whites Tight Ass To A New Level

Ryan Fields Takes Tyler Whites Tight Ass To A New Level

Remember when Tyler fucked the shit out of Ryan? Of course you do. Well its time for Ryan to get his revenge. Let’s see how Ryan (the lover) pummels this fighter’s booty.

The start, as they always do, with some steamy kissing, while they remove their clothes. Once on the bed Ryan begins to suck Tyler’s dick but to Tyler’s surprise he quickly makes his way down to his asshole and proceeds to lick on it. He alternates between Tyler’s ass and dick, giving both of them a good tasting. Tyler pays him back with a nice sloppy blowjob. He gets Ryan cock good and wet with saliva.

Ready to take his punishment, Tyler gets on all fours and Ryan pushes his boy beater right inside. In no time he begins to fuck Tyler’s brains out. Tyler’s bubble butt bounces right off of Ryan. Ryan puts him on his side and continues to tear that ass up raw, while showing us how flexible Tyler is. Once Tyler is on his back it doesn’t take him long to cum. Ryan soon follows suit with a nice milky load. Now Tyler looks like a creamy glazed donut!

Tyler tries to act like he doesn’t like to get fucked. I’m beginning to believe that this straight boy like the D!

Check it out here!

Switch fuck

Sep 4 2014
Brandon Beal Dominates Newbie Sebastian Wilde

Brandon Beal Dominates Newbie Sebastian Wilde

The new cutie on the block, Sebastian is nervous but he’s going to have to swallow it (his nerves that is) if he wants to get paid. Brandon should be the one a little nervous because he’s all set to get his ass hammered by the new boy.

The boys kiss while playing with each other’s cocks. Sebastian gets on his knees and begins to inhale Brandon’s huge monster. I’m not going to speculate on if this guy has had cock in his mouth before but he does a damn good job of giving a blow job. He takes the entire shaft and lets it slither down his throat. This guy is cock hungry. Brandon sits him on the chair and takes his turn munching on the big sausage.

Brandon gets on the bed and offers his ass to Sebastian but there’s a problem. Sebastian doesn’t want to do it. Seriously? Brandon’s ass is yummy; I would melt right into it. Sebastian decides to bottom instead, as he can’t bring himself to fuck a dude. Sebastian is an ass virgin though. Brandon has been in this situation before, so hopefully he’ll go easy. Who am I kidding? I hope he fucks the shit out of him.

And that he does! From the back, from below, and over him, Brandon fucks Sebastian’s tight little asshole until they both blow huge loads.

Watch Brandon Beal Fuck Sebastian Wilde

Drowning in cum: The 3 way

Sep 3 2014
Tyler White, Kaden, and Romeo Orgy

Tyler White, Kaden, and Romeo Orgy

Oh boy! Another group scene! They’re starting to spoil us. Tyler, Romeo, and Kaden are on set and ready to fuck. These dudes waste no time. Tyler gets things cracking by pulling Kaden and Romeo toward him. I don’t know what’s gotten into Tyler lately but he loves to taste armpits. He gives Kaden’s and Romeo’s pits a good cleaning.

Soon the cock sucking fest begins with Tyler sucking Kaden and Romeo sucking Tyler. This is how BSB boys mingle. The boys move over to the bed where Tyler lies down and begins to give Romeo head while experiencing some mouth on dick attention from Kaden. All of these boys know how to use their pie holes!

Kaden decides to really get things popping by sitting on Tyler’s dick. We cannot really hear him moan because his mouth is filled with Romeo’s cock. After having his hole thoroughly stroked; Kaden gets up and lets Romeo have a turn. Tyler fucks Romeo from the back good while Romeo swallows Kaden’s man bat. They flip Romeo on his back and fuck him stupid until all three of them blow nice loads. They completely hose Romeo down with cum!

Click here to see the Tyler White, Kaden, and Romeo Orgy

I can’t hear you

Sep 2 2014
Skyler Daniels Fucks Anthony Hunt

Skyler Daniels Fucks Anthony Hunt

Skyler is fresh off of a wild night. He had such a good time that he has lost some of his hearing Homeboy must have gone hard in the paint! His temporary loss may come in handy today since he has been paired up with Anthony Hunt, the loudest BSB fuck there is.

The boys undress and it’s clear that Skyler is ready to go, he’s got a stiffy just waiting to be played with. The boys kiss and fondle each other. Skyler finds his way down to Anthony’s cock and begins to feed on it. Anthony looks into the camera and says “oh my god!” That’s a clear indication that Skyler is doing damn good job. Anthony pushes Skyler onto the bed and gets his turn on the mic, slobbering all over Skyler’s dick. He handles the meat with his mouth and hand. He licks the balls and shaft, getting them both nice and wet.

Skyler bends Anthony’s sweet ass over and immediately digs right in, making him, you guessed it, HOLLER! “Oh my god, it’s so fucking huge”, he bellows as Skyler continues to rip his hole apart. Skyler delivers some nice hard and deep strokes and Anthony takes it like a good bottom slut. They switch positions a couple of times but Skyler doesn’t stop fucking him deep. Anthony blows a nice wad onto his abs and Skyler quickly pulls out and drenches Anthony in cum. I hope Skyler’s hearing returns soon, I’d love to whisper “me next” into his ear.

Click here to see Skyler Fuck Anthony Hunt Bareback

The Jock vs the Shy Guy

Aug 31 2014
Watch Kaden Alexander Fucks Ryan Fields

Watch Kaden Alexander Fucks Ryan Fields

It’s BSB’s resident cocky boy with BSB’s shyest: Kayden Alexander and Ryan Fields. Let’s see what happens when we mix the two.

The boys begin with some heavy petting and kissing. Kaden loves to kiss all over his boys and I love it! They hop on the bed where Kaden has Ryan stand up so he can devour his cock. Kaden really goes after it; he sucks so thoroughly that I begin to think that Ryan’s dick is about to pop right off into Kaden’s mouth! Kaden lies down and allows Ryan to show off his own oral skills. Amazingly Ryan gets all of Kaden’s beef stick into his mouth. Wanting to feel Ryan’s throat, Kaden takes control and begins to face fuck the lucky boy.

Kaden lubes up and Ryan hops right onto his cock. He starts bouncing on it but soon Kaden takes control and begins to fuck him hard from below. He flips Ryan onto his stomach and really plows him from behind. He slows down just for a moment when Ryan begins to look like he’s in serious pain. That show of mercy doesn’t last long though. Kaden picks the pace back up and even smacks that ass a few times for good measure. Ryan flips onto his back and soon both he and Kaden cum! There’s enough cum on Ryan’s chest to feed an entire whorehouse. What a hot fuck! Good job boys.

Watch Kaden Alexander Fucks Ryan Fields

Horny in the morning

Aug 30 2014
Romeo James fucks Skyler Daniels

Romeo James fucks Skyler Daniels

The veterans Romeo James and the oh-so-handsome Skyler Daniels are on set and are clearly ready to fuck. AS soon as the scene starts and clothes come off its obvious that these two need a morning release. They begin by kissing each other’s lips and bodies. Skyler stands on the chair and changes on while Romeo blows him. Romeo pleases Skyler’s rock hard dick with those luscious lips and warm mouth. Skyler turns around and Romeo gives his sweet hole a good tongue lashing. Skyler’s ass is practically feasted on by Romeo.

Once on the bed; Skyler swallows Romeo’s dick whole. Seriously, he gives one of the best blow jobs I’ve seen in a while. Skyler licks and sucks all over Romeo’s meaty shaft. Romeo lubes up and Skyler slides his hot ass right onto the dick. Romeo jacks him while fucking him from below. He then puts Skyler on all fours and lets that ass have it! He strokes Skyler’s booty nice and deep. When the boys finally bust they squirt warm gooey loads all over Skyler’s body.

That’s what happens when dudes wake up horny.

Click here to see Romeo James fuck Skyler Daniels

White on Black

Aug 30 2014
Tyler White Fucks Vadim Black

Tyler White Fucks Vadim Black

Tyler is a seductive little fuck! He’s got the sexy Vadim out by the hot tub and they’re talking about fucking girls. OF course that’s going to get Vadim riled up. Let’s see what these hunks get into.

Vadim initiates things by kissing Tyler. Tyler doesn’t let it stop there, he tells Vadim to give him a blow job. Vadim does as he’s told and inhales Tyler’s meaty sausage. He uses that pretty little mouth all over Tyler’s cock, making him squirm and moan. Unable to take anymore, Tyler pulls Vadim’s trunks off; unveiling that beautiful uncut cock. Vadim’s dick is big enough to break Tyler’s jaw but Tyler handles it like a pro. Even when Vadim grabs him by the hair and face fucks him.

Tyler pulls Vadim out of the pool and plays with his ass. Tyler indulges in some hot kissing while Tyler lubes and straps his dick. Tyler sits right on it and starts bouncing. Vadim rides dick like he was born to do it! Too bad he’s straight. Tyler fucks him hard from below, opening that hole up. Vadim gets bent over and Tyler pounds him from the back, hard!

After getting his hole bullied, Vadim blows a huge load. Tyler pops his cork right into Vadim’s mouth. That shit was hot! Things are definitely changing for the better at BSB.

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Porn kills love

Aug 30 2014
Zeno Fucks Ian

Zeno Fucks Ian

Zeno is back. Since we’ve last saw him he’s picked up two new gigs; one as a stripper (hot) and the other as a boyfriend. Today his girl is going to have to step aside because Zeno will be fucking Ian Dempsey. I wonder how Ian’s ass will measure up to Zeno’s girl.

Kissing and groping each other’s hot bodies, the boys get themselves worked up and horny. Ian unbuckles Zeno’s pants and begins to rub all over his cock. Soon, they both lose their clothes and continue to share a very intimate kiss on the bed. I know Zeno’s girlfriend knows about his profession but if only she could see him now! Zeno goes from kissing Ian’s succulent lips to kissing his tight pretty hole. He fingers and spanks his ass while Ian tastes his cock.

After wrapping Zeno’s dick, Ian hops on and rides him hard. Zeno makes some of the hottest faces when his meat is begin pleased, I know he’s enjoying that ass. What happens next almost makes me bust. Ian takes the dick out of his mouth and puts it into his mouth. Hot! Ian stands up and Zeno resumes fucking that juicy ass like there’s no tomorrow. Overwhelmed by the booty bashing Ian starts to lose his breath. Zeno slows down and whispers “just breathe” into his ear. And then I bust! The boys transition; Ian gets on his back and then on his stomach. Ian’s as is amazing and I’d love to play in it all day. They stand up and Zeno fucks Ian from behind while jacking him off. Ian fires off a thick wad of cum in Zeno’s hand. Zeno pulls out and uses the boy batter as lube. He squirts his own load right into Ian’s ass.

This was the HOTTEST scene is a long time. Keep’em cumming.

Watch Zeno Kostas fuck Ian Dempsey

Switch fuck

Aug 23 2014
Brandon Beal Fucks Sebastian Wilde

Brandon Beal Fucks Sebastian Wilde

The new cutie on the block, Sebastian is nervous but he’s going to have to swallow it (his nerves that is) if he wants to get paid. Brandon should be the one a little nervous because he’s all set to get his ass hammered by the new boy.

The boys kiss while playing with each other’s cocks. Sebastian gets on his knees and begins to inhale Brandon’s huge monster. I’m not going to speculate on if this guy has had cock in his mouth before but he does a damn good job of giving a blow job. He takes the entire shaft and lets it slither down his throat. This guy is cock hungry. Brandon sits him on the chair and takes his turn munching on the big sausage.

Brandon gets on the bed and offers his ass to Sebastian but there’s a problem. Sebastian doesn’t want to do it. Seriously? Brandon’s ass is yummy; I would melt right into it. Sebastian decides to bottom instead, as he can’t bring himself to fuck a dude. Sebastian is an ass virgin though. Brandon has been in this situation before, so hopefully he’ll go easy. Who am I kidding? I hope he fucks the shit out of him.

And that he does! From the back, from below, and over him, Brandon fucks Sebastian’s tight little asshole until they both blow huge loads.

Brandon Beal Fucks Sebastian Wilde

It’s been a long time coming

Aug 22 2014
Romeo James fucks Anthony Hunt

Romeo James fucks Anthony Hunt

Anthony is still with us and today he’s going to get fucked by the one and only Romeo. The boys have been getting around but they haven’t had much time to get laid. Well that’s what we’re here for; to get these boys laid and paid!

Anthony stands on top of the bed and has his juicy cock inhaled by Romeo. Romeo spits and licks all over that big shaft. I’ve always said that Romeo is one of the best cock suckers around and he proves me right ever time with his deep throating skills. Soon Anthony takes his turn at bat by taking Romeo’s man bat into his mouth. I drool as I watch Anthony’s saliva crawl down Romeo’s dick. How fucking hot!

Romeo bends Anthony right over and plows right into him. Having that tight hole plowed, Anthony moans and groans. “Oh you fucking bastard!” he shouts. This is one kid that knows how to talk dirty. The more Anthony talks the more Romeo batters that delicious ass. Romeo puts Anthony on his side and continues to dick him down. What I wouldn’t give to be on the receiving end of this fuck! From this angle we can see every inch of Romeo’s fat juicy pole drilling into Anthony’s ass. The boys finish up with Anthony on his back. Anthony fires off a nice load at Romeo’s command. Romeo fucks him right until it’s time for him to bust. There’s man grease everywhere! These boys have been working and partying hard. They deserved that hot release.

Watch Romeo James Fuck Anthony Hunt

Back from La-La Land

Aug 21 2014
tyler fucks tate

tyler fucks tate

Sexy Tate has made his way back to civilization to grace us with his presence and a hot fuck with Tyler. These two love to party so let’s see how well they do in the bed room.

The boys undress and compare asses. I don’t whose I want more, Tate’s furry man globes or Tyler’s fat bubble ass. After their little ass off, the boys make out and kiss all over each other’s bodies. I must say, Tate’s body is getting hotter and hotter. I wonder if he’s been working out in the mountains. Tyler lets his tongue lead him to Tate’s cock and tries to suck it dry. He’s a good little cock sucker and he has Tate very pleased. Tate puts Tyler on the bed and right when I think he’s going to give Tyler some gratitude head he instead starts to rim his pretty little ass. Only after giving it a good tongue cleaning does he inhales Tyler’s sweet rod. Tate shows Tyler just how cock sucking should be done. Damn, I’m jealous!

Tate lubes his furry hole while Tyler straps up. He squeezes his man poker in and immediately begins to fuck that hole good. I love watching Tate’s furry ass get fucked and Tyler knows just how to do it. Tyler puts Tate on his side and pounds that boy’s pussy. These two switch positions a couple of times and makes me explode more than once. They join me across the finish line, blasting globs of cum onto Tate. Tate squeezes their freshly juiced cocks together; milking the rest of the cum out. Give these boys their cash! They put some work in!

Watch Tyler White Fuck Tate Thompson

I suck cock…so what?

Aug 19 2014
Paul Canon Fucks Skyler Daniels

Paul Canon Fucks Skyler Daniels

Paul is back and fresh from an event. It’s been a little while since I’ve seen this stud and I’m happy that he is paired up with Skyler today. Skyler still has his farmer’s tan but we’ll forgive him after seeing his ass plowed by Paul. Let’s get to it.

The boys strip down to their underwear and Paul tries to go right in for Skyler’s cock. Not so fast, where’s the kiss?! He pops up and starts intimately kissing Skyler. He then gets back on his knees and engulfs his dick. Paul has some serious deep throating skills and I wish I could switch places with Skyler. I love watching those big juicy lips of his wrapped around man meat. Paul lies back into the chair and Skyler gets to work on his huge shaft. I don’t know how he does it but he manages to get almost Paul’s entire rod into his mouth. Skyler treats that shit like a lollipop; licking, sucking, and drooling all over it.

After getting the dick nice and slippery, Skyler slips his ass right on it. He rides it. He bounces on it until Paul takes over and starts to fuck him hard from below. Paul really rams him, sending Skyler into a moaning fit. Paul bends him over and continues his assault on Skyler’s ass. Skyler’s rock hard dick bounces up and down as Paul digs deeper and deeper. The boys make their way over to the bed where Skyler is put on his back where Paul shoves his tongue into his mouth and continues to batter his ass. They both blast gigantic loads onto Skyler. Pau licks up the cum and make his way back up to Skyler’s lips.

Watch Paul Canon Fuck Skyler Daniels

Easy on Bottom

Aug 19 2014


Paul and Ryan are on set and today someone’s ass is going to get plowed. Ryan just recently lost his ass virginity and is still getting used to getting fucked so Paul is going to try to go easy on him.

They start off with steamy kissing before Paul kisses his way down to Ryan’s dick. He immediately begins to feed on it. He sucks the shaft and licks the balls. Paul has a way of putting men under a spell with his blow jobs. Ryan becomes a mindless drone while his dick is in Paul’s mouth. He only comes back to reality once Paul lies back on the bed. Ryan wraps his lips around Paul’s dick and shows his skills. This boy gets better and better every time.

Fully turned on, Paul bends Ryan over and pushes his big dick right into that hole. He looks like he’s in pain at first but soon gets used to it. I don’t think I’ve noticed in the past just how fat Ryan’s ass is. It bounces nicely off of Paul’s torso as he pounds him. He puts the fuck boy on his side and continues to tear into him. Digging deeper, Paul makes Ryan holler! They move to his back and they both fire off hot loads. Ryan came while getting fucked so it had to feel good! Ryan may become the new resident bottom.

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4 for the price of 1

Aug 18 2014
Fuck Fest Featuring Tyler White, Ryan Fields, Kaden Alexander, And Skyler Daniels

Fuck Fest Featuring Tyler White, Ryan Fields, Kaden Alexander, And Skyler Daniels

Oh my! It’s time for another BSB orgy! Ryan and Skyler have never been in an orgy mix like this so I hope they’re as excited as I am. Tyler and Kaden have been through this before so I’m sure they’ll show these boys the ropes. Let the games begin!

The boys instantly pair off and begin kissing and rubbing all over each other. Tyler gets a little too excited and takes a hair out of Kaden’s arm pit with his teeth! Kaden returns the favor by kissing and sucking on Tyler’s pits. Yum! Meanwhile, Skyler has his hands full with Ryan, literally. These two are really into each other as they intimately rub and kiss. Ryan and Tyler get laid onto the bed and their respective partners begin to eat their asses. They really are into taste testing today! Kaden and Ryan put those tongues to good use and really work those holes over. Skyler digs deep into Ryan’s ass with his tongue. Kaden and Skyler pull their boys to the edge of the bed and they begin to digest their dicks. Tyler and Ryan enjoy the sight while making out with one another. Then they form a good ole’ cock slinging chow line. Kaden sucks Tyler, Tyler sucks Ryan, and Ryan sucks Skyler.

After some good cock sucking the boys really get things popping. Tyler fucks Ryan on the side of the bed. That boy has a nice juicy ass. Tyler slides over and feeds his dick to Ryan while Kaden moves behind Skyler and slides his dick inside him. Wow! Now we’ve got two asses getting fucked! Kaden sits on the bed and Skyler sits on Kaden’s’ dick. Ryan begins to suck Skyler’s dick while getting fucked from behind by Tyler. After being fucked all over the place, it finally time for Ryan to get some ass, he puts Tyler on his back and takes his turn. Skyler lies on his back beside Tyler and gets fucked by Kaden.

After all that fucking, sucking, and cock handling all four boys blow their loads. But it doesn’t end there. We get to see this sexy foursome take a steamy shower. BSB out did themselves this time!

Check out the New Orgy Video here.

“I suck cock…so what?”

Aug 17 2014
Paul Canon Fucks Skyler Daneils

Paul Canon Fucks Skyler Daneils

Paul is back and fresh from an event. It’s been a little while since I’ve seen this stud and I’m happy that he is paired up with Skyler today. Skyler still has his farmer’s tan but we’ll forgive him after seeing his ass plowed by Paul. Let’s get to it.

The boys strip down to their underwear and Paul tries to go right in for Skyler’s cock. Not so fast, where’s the kiss?! He pops up and starts intimately kissing Skyler. He then gets back on his knees and engulfs his dick. Paul has some serious deep throating skills and I wish I could switch places with Skyler. I love watching those big juicy lips of his wrapped around man meat. Paul lies back into the chair and Skyler gets to work on his huge shaft. I don’t know how he does it but he manages to get almost Paul’s entire rod into his mouth. Skyler treats that shit like a lollipop; licking, sucking, and drooling all over it.

After getting the dick nice and slippery, Skyler slips his ass right on it. He rides it. He bounces on it until Paul takes over and starts to fuck him hard from below. Paul really rams him, sending Skyler into a moaning fit. Paul bends him over and continues his assault on Skyler’s ass. Skyler’s rock hard dick bounces up and down as Paul digs deeper and deeper. The boys make their way over to the bed where Skyler is put on his back where Paul shoves his tongue into his mouth and continues to batter his ass. They both blast gigantic loads onto Skyler. Pau licks up the cum and make his way back up to Skyler’s lips.

Here’s the link to see Paul Canon Fuck Syler Daniels

Busted nuts and assholes

Aug 15 2014
Tyler White Barebacks Ryan Fields

Tyler White Barebacks Ryan Fields

As soon as the scene starts I can tell that Ryan is very nervous. It’s going to be his first time bottoming, so that’s understandable. He is going to be with Tyler, who has been there before. Tyler promises that he won’t hurt him; but I don’t know how you can promise anything when it comes to opening a virgin hole. Well, that’s not true. I can promise that you’ll be entertained!

Tyler helps Ryan relax by kissing all over him. He makes his way down to Ryan’s cock and begins to suck all over it. Tyler gives an excellent blowjob and I’m sure the last thing on his mind is his asshole. Tyler gets that dick nice and wet. I can’t believe that Ryan doesn’t blow his load right then. Tyler licks his way back up to Ryan’s lips. Tyler stands up on the chair and Ryan gets right to work on his dick. He blows like a pro too. This kid is new but when he sucks dick like that I begin to think he’s done this before.

Ryan bends over the bed and Tyler delves right into that hole, so much for going easy. He fucks Tyler like he’s been used before. Tyler’s got some good merciless dick, just the kind I like! Ryan seems to enjoy it too as he isn’t in as much pain as I had anticipated. Tyler puts his fuck toy on his side and continues to pound away, leaving his initials in his asshole. Ryan squirts a nice gooey load onto his chest seconds before Tyler does the same. Man! That was a hot opening act for Ryan’s hole. Good job boys! Ryan go over his hesitation quick, I can’t wait to see him get fucked again

Watch Tyler White Fuck Ryan Fields

The welcome back fuck down

Aug 10 2014
Kaden Alexander Fucks Anthony Hunt

Kaden Alexander Fucks Anthony Hunt

Well, well, well. Look who we have here! It’s Anthony Hunt! This kid has been gone for a couple of years but now he is back because he’s broke. He’s been working and in school but could use a little pick me up. Kaden is on hand to officially welcome him back into the fold with a dick in the ass. Let’s get it in.

The boys drop their clothes and immediately begin to kiss deeply. Kaden is all over Anthony, he must have missed him. They hop onto the bed where Kaden begins to give Anthony a super sloppy blow job. As he sucks, Anthony tells him to play with his balls. “Yeah, suck that cock”, he begs. Kaden does as he is told and continues to suck the life out of Anthony. He slurps all over that juicy sausage. Kaden gets tired of using his mouth to work Anthony’s dick and instead decides to use his feet! That’s new!

Now its Anthony’s turn! The boy hasn’t had a dick in his mouth in a long time but he shows us that it’s sort of like riding a bike he licks and sucks Kaden’s rod like a pro.

After getting it nice and wet, Anthony sits on Kaden’s’ dick and starts to bounce on that shit. The boys start moaning and making a lot of noise. Kaden pounds Anthony’s eager ass good from below before putting him on his knees and banging him. Anthony hollers out and Kaden fucks his booty good. The boys switch positions a couple of times before blowing tow huge loads that completely cover Anthony.

Welcome back Anthony, welcome the fuck back!

Kaden Alexander fucks Anthony Hunt

Ryan Fields Fucks Romeo James

Aug 9 2014
Ryan Fields Fucks Romeo James

Ryan Fields Fucks Romeo James

It’s a beautiful day in BSB house because we’ve got Ryan and Romeo here for some hot action. Ryan has never fucked anyone in the ass, not even a girl. He’s very nervous but I know for a fact that he’s in good hands with Romeo. He’ll need some hand and dick holding but he’ll get through it.

The two timidly kiss one another. Ryan makes his way down to Romeo’s cock and begins to suck him off. Romeo has to encourage him to take it further and Ryan does so. Ryan starts to get more and more into it, swallowing the sausage whole. Romeo moans with pleasure, letting his little cocksucker know that he’s doing a good job. Ryan sits on the chair while Romeo shows him how to suck shaft. He takes the entire rod into his mouth and down his throat.

Romeo bends over the bed and Ryan can barely wait to stick his prick inside. And he sticks in it deep. Ryan may have been nervous but he certainly doesn’t fuck like it. That boy busts through Romeo’s hairy hole like a pro! Romeo lies on his side, letting us see him take the full length of Ryan’s big stick. Romeo’s sexy hairy legs send me up a wall, as does watching him get fucked by a big cock like Ryan’s. He must be as turned on as I am because Romeo shoots junk all over himself. Ryan pulls out and dumps his own load.

That was a nice hot fuck, let’s see how Ryan performs after he’s gotten used to fucking boy pussy.

Watch Ryan Fields Fucks Romeo James

Just like the good ole’ days

Aug 9 2014
Kaden Alexander Fucks Skylar Daniels Raw

Kaden Alexander Fucks Skylar Daniels Raw

Kaden and Skyler have been paired up and here’s a fun little fact, Skyler was the first person to geive Kaden a blow job. Kaden is back because he wrecked his truck and needs some cash. I’ll definitely enjoy watching him earn his keep by fucking Tyler.

The fellas get right to business by tossing clothes and kissing one another. They are seriously all over one another. Skyler lies back on the bed and Kaden begins to suck him off. Kaden rubs all over Skyler’s chest as he licks and swallows his shaft. Kaden has certainly become a professional cock sucker, Skyler should be proud. Kaden stands up and allows him to take over the cock sucking duties. Skyler bobs up and down on that black cock. Skyler gets that brown veiny dick nice and wet.

Ready to get fucked, Skyler bends over the bed and Kaden begins to let him have it. Kaden fucks him mercilessly from behind and even slaps that ass a couple of times. Skyler doesn’t complain. Tyler lies on his side and Kaden continues to tear into him, only stopping to kiss him. Kaden then begins to fuck Tyler like he’s trying to be noted as the fastest fucker around! Skyler takes control by jacking this dick and Kaden’s at the same time. Soon, the boy nuts, sending gobs of cum onto Skyler’s abs and almost his face! That was such a hot and hard fuck.

Watch Kaden Alexander fuck Skyler Daniels Raw

I gotta put this thing in my ass?

Aug 8 2014
Sergio Valen and Ronan Kennedy Flip

Sergio Valen and Ronan Kennedy Flip

Ah, it always makes my day to know that Sergio is going to get fucked. Today he’s going to flip with Ronan so I’ll be getting a double treat. They are both nervous but they’ll get over it. Let’s see some fucking.

They begin by undressing and fondling each other. They both get a little freaked out by the size of the other; they should suck it up, some of us would love to be presented with such a big package. Instead of sucking it up, Ronan starts to suck o Sergio’s cock. Ronan has some great cock handling skills for a straight boy. He has Sergio relaxed before you know it. Sergio helps Ronan settle down by massaging his dick with mouth and gums. Ronan’s cock is huge! Sergio tries but can only fit about half of it in his mouth. He fondles his balls while slowing slurping on his dick. With both dicks nice and wet, it’s time to fuck.

Sergio lies on his back and lubes up. He asks Ronan ot go slow. I would too if my pretty hole was about to be invaded by that semi-truck. Ronan starts to push it in but doesn’t get far before Sergio is grunting from pain. Ronan strokes slowly, allowing Sergio’s hole to get used to it. He should have let me open him up first. Sergio gets off his knees and puts that glorious ass of his on display for the camera. Ronan fucks him gently from the back until Sergio makes him stop because of the pain. Ronan lubes up more and drives his cock right back insides. Sergio is in a lot of pain but takes it like a man.

Now it’s Sergio’s turn to break into some ass. Ronan takes the dick immediately, allowing Sergio to fuck the shit out of him. The boys don’t last long, they blow huge loads, both of which splatter on Ronan’s abs. The boys are both in pain, but I’ll lick their wounds and get them back in the sack.

Check out Sergio Valen and Ronan Kennedy Flip

Out of the woods

Aug 3 2014
Skyler Daniels Fucks Tate Thompson

Skyler Daniels Fucks Tate Thompson

Skyler and Tate are back and they’re in our favorite state: broke and horny. Tate has been out in the woods roughing it for a while; becoming one with nature. Today he’ll become on with Skyler who is all set to fuck him. Let’s get to work.

Tate and Skyler start off with some hot and extension kissing and groping. I don’t think anyone on this site can kiss like Tate. To reward him for his lip service, Skyler sits Tate onto the bed and begins to suck his cock. Skyler may be new but he does give one heck of a blow job. He can’t quite deep throat yet, but that’s what Tate is here to teach him. Tate takes over and starts to inhale Skyler’s cock, showing him how it’s done. Tate gets Skyler’s beefcake nice, wet, and ready to be put to work.

Ready to take some dick, Tate bends over the bed and offers his ass to Skyler, who doesn’t hesitate to side right inside of him. He immediately starts to pound the shit out of him. Tate moans like a boy in heat while getting fucked from behind, on his sides, and finally on his back. Tate milks that dick of his and pops a juicy load all over himself. Skylar spills his nut onto Tate’s abs, adding to the mix.

Now, when is Skylar getting fucked?

Watch Skyler Daniels Fuck Tate Thompson

Too tight for comfort

Aug 1 2014
Ronan Kennedy Fucks Jake Tipton Raw

Ronan Kennedy Fucks Jake Tipton Raw

Today, the newbies Ronan and Jake have been paired up. Jake is going to have his hot ass breached by Ronan who I’m sure just can’t wait. Let’s get right to it.

The boys start off with some gently kissing as they peel their clothes off. Ronan tosses Jake on the bed and proceeds to blow his brains out. He delivers a nice sloppy blow job and for once Jake doesn’t have a critique. He instead decides to use his mouth by sucking Ronan’s cock. He’s only able to stuff about half of it in, but Ronan has no complaints. Jack licks the entire shaft, getting it nice and moist.

They move over to the bed where Jake bends his tight, little ass over for Ronan. Ronan pushes his rod right in that hairy hole. He slowly strokes Jake’s insides at Jake’s request. We’re going to have to get that hole a little looser! Jake gets fucked on his side and on his back before busting a huge load. Not one to be out done, Ronan fires off a major nut of his own. Now Jake is just covered with man juice.

Ronan said that Jake’s ass was so tight that it almost hurt. That’s a problem I would love to solve.

Watch Ronan Kennedy Fucks Jake Tipton Raw

The Dawn of Team Alpha

Jul 29 2014


Kaden and his new buddy Tyler have joined forces and have dubbed themselves “Team Alpha”. They’ve been away for a little while but I’m glad they’re back in the saddle. Kaden has a new girl but still hasn’t told her what he does for extra cash. I hope she’s cool with what he’s about to do to Tyler’s ass. Let’ get to work.

These boys are all over each other from the jump! They kiss and aggressively undress one another. Kaden asserts his authority by kissing his way down to Tyler’s cock. This boy knows how to devour cock! He sucks Tyler with fervor; obviously hungry for the dick. Tyler is instantly moaning and groaning in pleasure. Kaden eventually slides those juicy lips off of Tyler’s dick and lies on the ground so that Tyler can take his turn. Tyler sucks and jacks Kaden’s fat dick. Kaden’s biggie grows rock hard; but Tyler continues to fit almost all of it into his mouth.

Tyler, done with his snack, bends over the bed and offers his hot hole to Kaden who eagerly accepts by forcing his meat inside. I can’t tell you how much Tyler’s ass makes me drool and watching Kaden’s fat dick glide in and out of it is enough to make me and my dick explode. Tyler repositions on his side and Kaden continues to deconstruct it, literally bullying his booty. Kaden licks all over his neck while scissor fucking him. Hot! The boys finish up by blasting intense loads all over Tyler’s abs, chest and face! That’s what I can an “Alpha Load”! If that’s how the fucking is going to be then I want to see more people join Team Alpha.

Watch Kaden Bully Tyler’s Ass Here

The everlasting hard on

Jul 26 2014
Tyler White Fucks Romeo James

Tyler White Fucks Romeo James

Tyler and Romeo…together?! This should be hot. Although I’m not sure about this new hairdo of Tyler’s He says he’s going for a skater look…hopefully it’ll be just as hot as he is. It’s been a while since either Romeo or Tyler has gotten laid so I’m betting they’ve got some man juice saved up for us.

The boys get rid of their clothes and Romeo is already sporting wood. I guess it has been a while! They launch into kissing and fondling each other’s dicks. After some intense groping the boys move over to the bed where Tyler proceeds to polish Romeo’s dick with his tongue and mouth. He slightly teases Romeo by just taking the head at first. Then he takes all of it into his mouth. After putting his mouth to good work, Tyler lies back and allows Romeo to take his cock. Romeo bobs up and down on it, getting that dick nice and moist.

Tyler lubes his dick up and Romeo sits on it reverse cowgirl style. Tyler fucks that hole nice and hard from below. He mixes and blends that his insides till the point where I’m sure he’s going to cum. Instead of nutting though, Romeo heads over to the chair, bends over, and allows Tyler another go at that ass. And Tyler bullies that booty! The boys finish up on the bed with Romeo on his back. Romeo shoots nice load while Tyler is still inside of him. What a good little bottom! Tyler follows suit; shooting his sweet man juice right onto Romeo’s body.

Watch Tyler White Fuck Romeo James


Jul 23 2014
Sergio and Jake Tipton Flip

Sergio and Jake Tipton Flip

The day has finally arrived. Finally! Sergio is going to have his hole opened up by newcomer Jake Tipton. Oh and that’s not all. Jake is going to have his hole penetrated as well. I’ve been waiting for this too long so let’s get started.

The boys nervously kiss each other as they undress. Jake lies back onto the bed while Sergio blows him. Jake is a bossy little fuck and he tells Sergio just how he likes it and Sergio delivers. Jake’s cock gets rock hard and quick! Sergio head game is greatly underestimated, this boy has skills. Soon it’s Jake’s turn to show off his cock sucking abilities. Sergio sits back in the chair and lets Jake and his mouth go to work. Jake is able to get almost Sergio’s entire monster in his mouth, but that’s not enough. Sergio wants some ass.

He lays Jake onto his back and lubes him up. Sergio slowly squeezes his baby maker in Jake’s hot hole and Jake gasps in a mix of pleasure and pain. Jake is able to take it! I’m thoroughly impressed. Sergio takes Jake’s pleasure joyful moans as a green light to start stroking him deeper. Sergio puts Jake on all fours giving us a chance to see his juicy ass take a big sausage from the back. Sergio is such a fuck machine; I wish I were on the receiving end.

But before my fantasies can fully materialize Sergio finds himself on the receiving end of Jakes dick. Sergio is on his back as Jake penetrates his hole. Seeing Sergio’s muscular legs spread wide open with a cock in his ass for the first time has me ready to burst. Like Jake, Sergio is able to take it so Jake picks up the pace while getting in deep. More than satisfied by that warm tight hole, Jake pulls out and dumps a load of milky cum on Sergio’s abs, and dick. Sergio soon delivers up his own load. Hot!

Both boys admit that it hurt at first but that they got used to it. You know what that means! They’ll be back for more.

Watch Sergio and Jake Tipton flip right here

The Stripper and the Veteran

Jul 18 2014
Adam Stripz Tops Damien Kyle

Adam Stripz Tops Damien Kyle

This is going to be Adam’s first time with a guy. He says that he has thought about it before but hasn’t gone through with it. Well he’s going to get more than a handful today with Damien Kyle. These two definitely seem into each other so let’s see what happens.

While undressing Adam shows off his stripper skills and teases us with his huge cock. Damien is just as impressed as I am. The two of them make out while toying with each other’s cocks. Damien lies back on the bed and Adam gets his first taste of dick. Adam gives slow but intense head. It gets Damien’s’ cock brick hard. Adam continues to play with and lick his new chew toy while Damien moans in pleasure. He soon commands that Adam stand up so that he can get a taste of cock. Damien swallows it whole! And Adam has a lot of dick to swallow. Damien bobs up and down on that veiny, uncut monster, getting it nice and slick.

Turned on by the size of Adam’s man bat, Damien asks if he wants to fuck. Of course he does! Bent over the bed, Damien braces himself for Adam’s huge cock. Once Adam get it in he gets right to work, battering his hole. I don’t know how Damien can take it. Damien not only takes it but even begins to toss his ass back. That’s what we call a power bottom! Damien gets on his back and Adam digs back into those guts. He drills Damien on his back and on his side; only stopping to plant a hot kiss on Damien. Soon Damien busts a nice nut while Adam continues to fuck him. Unable to contain himself any longer Adam squirts a massive load. So much cum comes out of that kid that for a second I thought he wouldn’t stop.

Adam says Damien’s hole is tighter than a girl’s pussy. I don’t know how long it will be if he keeps fucking him like that!

Head on over to see new boy Adam Stripz fuck Damien Kyle

The Headmaster’s new pupil

Jul 18 2014
Dylan Sharp And Paul Canon

Dylan Sharp And Paul Canon

Paul and Dylan have been paired up. I’m happy that Dylan is back and he’s in for a treat with Paul who will be teaching him how to suck dick. Paul is one of the best cock suckers on this site so he couldn’t be in better hands. Let’s stop talking and put these mouths to better use.

The boys make out with each other as they make their way over to the bed. Paul quickly kisses his way down to Dylan’s cock. He wraps those hot lips around it and begins to slowly play with it. He grabs ahold of it at the base and uses his tongue and throat to get Dylan fully erect. Once stiff, Paul uses his hand to glide up and down the shaft. Just the sound of Paul’s mouth at work has me sporting wood. Dylan’s heavy breathing is a clear indicator that he’s enjoying it too. Dylan’s meat glistens with saliva as Paul sucks on his balls. Paul’s got some real talent. Soon Dylan busts a nice load right into Paul’s mouth.

Now it’s Dylan’s turn to put his mouth to work. Right from the beginning Dylan tries to stuff all of Paul’s cock into his mouth. Paul is certainly turned on by this boy’s gusto and gets hard quick. Dylan may be new at this but he’s got some skills. He massages Paul’s balls while engulfing over half of the cock. Soon Paul shots a huge load and Dylan helps him with the cleanup. It looks like we’ve created ourselves another head expert.

Watch this hot scene Dylan Sharp and Paul Canon here

BSB Sandwich!

Jul 17 2014


Some of my favorite boys have been put together for an awesome threesome. Finally, Ayden Troy is back and he’s with Dakota and Damien. Ayden has never done a threesome so let’s get stated and know this time off his bucket list.

The boys get right at each other. They peel each other’s clothes off and Dakota immediately finds himself on his knees servicing both of the guys. Ayden and Damien make out while being blown. They all move over to the bed and things really get heated. Damien begins to blow Ayden, while Dakota blows Damien. I’d draw you a diagram but there’s video (go watch!). All three of them have impressive cocks and I’d love to taste one. The boys flip flop their pattern with Ayden blowing Damien, and Damien blowing Dakota. Why is no one blowing me?

The boys get up and prepare themselves for some fucking. Damien lubes his sweet ass and it’s Dakota that penetrates him. As he’s pushing his cock into Damien’s ass, Ayden forces his into Dakota’s! Wow, a BSB sandwich! Dakota holds his own in the middle, fucking Damien good while getting pounded by Ayden. Ayden’s long rod digs deep inside Dakota; I wonder which end he’s enjoying more. Damien shifts to his back and Dakota continues to slide in and out of his guts. Meanwhile, Ayden straddles Damien’s face, thrusting his cock down the boy’s throat. Now Damien’s stuffed from both ends and his muffled moans makes me sure he’s enjoying it. Ayden and Dakota switch places and its Ayden’s turn to tear into Damien’s asshole. Getting it from both ends always makes me cum hard so I’m not surprised when Damien shots a hearty load. Dakota pops a load in Damien’s mouth as Ayden shoots his onto Damien’s lower abs. Dakota cleans both boys up with his tongue. I love that little cum slut. This may be the hottest 3-way in BSB history and I can’t wait for the sequel.

Watch the Ayden Troy, Dakota Ford and Damien Kyle Three Way

I’ll be fragile on that booty

Jul 11 2014
Sergio Fucks Dimitri

Sergio Fucks Dimitri

Sergio is back and he’s here to do us the honor of opening Dimitri’s tight little hole. Dimitri says that he trusts Sergio not to hurt him but even though I’m sure Sergio will try not to, that big dick of his has made no promises. After instructing Dimitri to just breathe; it time to get down to business.

The boys strip and hop on the bed. They immediately begin to kiss and to fondle each other. Sergio delivers some full lip service and I’m already jealous. He kisses his way down to Sergio’s cock and begins to blow him good. Dimitri’s rod grows and hardens in Sergio’s skilled mouth. As it grows, I begin to wonder just whose dick is bigger. Dimitri takes a time out from having his dick sucked and starts to return the favor by slobbering on Sergio’s meat. He gets a lot of Sergio’s cock in his mouth; I hope he doesn’t get lockjaw.

And before you know it, it’s time for Dimitri to experience “the joys” of bottoming for the first time. Dimitri lies back on the bed and lubes himself up. Moments later Sergio gently slides his monster inside and starts to slowly churn his insides. Dimitri takes cock like a champ and soon Sergio is able to fuck him like he means it. He flips Dimitri over onto his knees and really begins to drill his hole. Sergio is able to push the entire length of his dick inside before he again puts Dimitri on his back. Wow! This boy can truly take it! He can not only take it but he must enjoy it because he soon fires a massive load right along with Sergio.

Dimitri confirms my guess by admitting that doggy style was easier. Of course, Sergio likes ever position because he just likes to fuck! Dimitri is in a little pain but he’ll walk it off and hopefully get back to getting fucked.

Watch Sergio Fuck Dimitri Here

It Tastes Like Fruit?

Jul 3 2014
Jake Tipton And Paul Canon

Jake Tipton And Paul Canon

The veteran Paul Canon and my favorite newcomer Jake Tipton are together. Today will be Jake’s first time topping and I simply cannot wait to check out this studs stroke game.

The boys undress, unveiling their hot sculpted bodies. They begin to make out while fondling each other’s cocks. Paul takes a seat and forces Jakes’ mouth toward his dick. Jake has gotten a little better at giving head as evidenced by Paul’s’ moaning. He’s even able to get almost half of it into his mouth. Ready to teach the newbie how it’s done. Paul gets on his knees and immediately takes his entire cock into his mouth. That dick grows hard and fast. Jake begins to give Paul directions on how to suck him off. I must say that I’m impressed by his take charge attitude. He’s going to make an excellent top.

After receiving an awesome blow job, Jake lubes his dick while Paul does the same to his ass. Jake slowly slides it in and it’s immediately apparent that it’s bigger than what Paul is used to. But always up for a challenge, Paul instructs Jake to fuck him harder. Jake not only begins to pound him harder but he digs deeper too! Paul readjusts to his side but that doesn’t break up Jake’s rhythm. He’s a rowdy little fuck. Once Paul is on his back Paul cannot help but to blast a few streams of cum onto his abs. Yes a few! Jake pops a milky load of his own soon after. He then bends down and plants a nice juicy kiss on Paul. He’s not shy about kissing anymore. He then decides to push himself further and tastes Paul’s cum. And to his amazement, and mine, he says that “it tastes like fruit”. Oh…ok, great!

Now that Jake has topped and thoroughly enjoyed Paul’s ass, I hope that he will some get to experience the joys of bottoming.

Watch Jake Tipton And Paul Canon

Attack of the hot blondes

Jul 2 2014
Ayden Troy Fucks Tyler White

Ayden Troy Fucks Tyler White

I’m sure the guys on the forums are going to be very pleased to see Ayden Troy back. And to make matters even better, he is being paired up with Tyler White. Ayden is planning on breaking into Tyler’s ass and I just know he’s going to enjoy himself. Let’s get started.

The boys embrace and begin to kiss each other. They are all over one another and they quickly get rid of their clothes. Ayden gets things started by sucking Troy’s thick meat. Troy breathes heavily while Ayden gets his cock wet with saliva. The boys trade places and Troy begins to blow Ayden’s’ brains out. He starts off with some fast hoover action before he slows down and really starts to worship Ayden’s dick. I would too!

The boys lube themselves up and Ayden squeezes into Tyler’s tight hole, making Tyler pant. Ayden begins with deep slow strokes. He smacks Tyler’s ass a few times to let him know that he’s in control. Then he really gets to work! Tyler’s hot bubble ass begins to juggle when Ayden picks up the pace. All Tyler can seem to say is “oh fuck, oh fuck”! Well that is a lot of dick to take.

Tyler gets on his side and invites Ayden to push his rod back into his hole. This position must work better for him because he seems to be moaning from pleasure instead of pain now. “You like that dick?” Ayden asks as he fucks Troy’s ass and jacks his dick at the same time. Once Ayden gets Tyler on his back he really starts to fuck the shit out of him…oh and the cum too! Cum splatters on Tyler’s abs right before Ayden pulls out and adds his own hot load to the mix.

Tyler’s butt may hurt but he just made a lot of people happy. Thanks for taking one for the team! These blonde wonders really put on a show and I’d love to see them in action again.

Watch Ayden Troy Fuck Tyler White

Leaked BSB TV Trailer on YouTube

Jun 30 2014


Prepare yourself for one of the most unique series ever made for television. Its polarizing content and its visceral effect on viewers is undeniable. Without apology, this series provides an uncensored look into the lives of people who make porn… and more specifically, straight men who do gay porn and the multi-million dollar company that provides the platform. Though no explicit porn is shown in the series, the mere suggestion of what they do and the insight into their chosen profession makes Broke Straight Boys a true character study, bringing the viewer into a world they may not have known existed and will surely never forget.

Broke Straight Boys is a reality-based docu-series that explores the world of “Gay for Pay,” a term used to describe when straight men do gay porn for money. The show focuses on the people involved in this taboo and unconventional lifestyle, exploring the dynamic relationships between the owner of BluMedia, Mark Erickson, his business staff and the young men who choose to do gay porn to supplement their income by performing for the adult website,

As part of his business model, every month Mark houses a select number of these straight young men in his multi-million dollar mansion while they do scenes at a nearby studio for his website. In his words, “They’re a hot mess and I can keep my eye on them when they’re in the house.” What comes of that is an ideal situation for a television series, with the proximity of all of these unique individuals, their engaging life stories, inflammatory personalities and disparate reasons for being there colliding, creating drama, alliances, jealousy, hilarity, and sheer reality unlike anyone’s ever seen.

As dysfunctional a family as you will ever find, this group of colorful characters keep you mesmerized at every moment. From seeing them rehearse scenes in the studio to hearing their unbelievable perspective on life, money and the pursuit of porn, you won’t be able to look away, even when you want to. Broke Straight Boys has taken the reality genre to a new level and you’ll never want to come down.



BluMedia decided not to take action in having the leaked video removed due to the overwhelming response from fans and members to the leaked trailer.

Everything’s a pussy

Jun 24 2014
Jaden Bentley Fucks Ian Dempsey

Jaden Bentley Fucks Ian Dempsey

This is going to be an awesome scene. Ian and new comer Jaden have been paired up and apparently they’ve been talking for quite some time. Ian has never done anal before…with anyone, let alone a guy. He’s getting some high quality ass today from Ian so I can’t wait. Let’s get it in. They start kissing like long lost lovers and I can already see that they’ve got some intense chemistry between them. Their making out is abbreviated by tearing each other’s clothes off. They hold each other close, kissing passionately and deeply. Once Ian is completely undressed Jaden finds his way down to his cock. He manages to get Ian’s stiff, fat cock completely into his mouth. He plays with Ian’s balls while he continues to swallow his dick. Ian soon takes complete control and starts to fuck Jaden’s face, making the poor boy choke on it. After getting his fill, he lifts Jaden off of his knees, rips his jeans down to his ankles, and begins blowing his rod. Jaden takes his revenge and fucks Ian’s face. After giving Jaden a thorough blow, he straps and lubes Jaden’s cock. He sits on Jaden’s dick, taking all of it into his ass and immediately begins to ride him. Ian rides hard and only takes brief stops to make out with him. These two definitely have an intense bromance going. The boys get up and instantly are all over one another, kissing while Jaden gets more lube. Ian bends over the chair and Ian plants his cock right back inside of him. Jaden starts fucking Ian like he’s been around the block a few times. I’m starting to wonder if this really is his first time fucking some ass. They move over to the bed to partake in some hot missionary action with more kissing. Jaden spreads Ian’s legs allowing him to drill deeper into that ass. Ian sprays hot gooey cum onto his abs while still being pounded by Jaden. Jaden relieves Ian’s tight hole and fires off his own load. Ian had such a good time that he cannot even put into words how good it was. Well, that’s why we have cum my fried. No words are necessary. Watch Jaden Bentley Fuck Ian Dempsey

It’s fun, sex is sex.

Jun 21 2014
Ronan Kennedy And Damien Kyle

Ronan Kennedy And Damien Kyle

Ronan is already back and he’s going up against the one and only Damien Kyle. This will be his first time fucking a guy and he’s got the bottom master for an instructor. I sincerely hope he’s up for the challenge.

The boys start off with some playful kissing before removing their clothes. They rub each other’s cocks as they make out. I’m happy to see that Ronan isn’t shy about kissing dudes. They continue to kiss as they jack each other off on the bed. Ronan takes some initiative and begins to suck Damien’s meaty pole. The kid is able to get most of it into his mouth. He gives Damien just enough head to get him going. Damien takes control and takes Ronan’s monster into his mouth. Ronan roughly smacks Damien’s ass as Damien aggressively slobs all over his cock.

Afterward, Ronan straps up while Damien lubes his ass, preparing for the pain to come. Ronan tries to stick it in but finds that his cock is too big and that he will definitely require more lube. That’s a good problem to have! After getting it nice and slick, Ronan rams his fatty back in Damien’s ass. He pounds him good, causing him to grunt loudly. “Take that cock” Ronan commands. Damien repositions to his back and puts one leg into the air to allow Ronan’s dick full access to his insides. Just when I think Ronan’s doing one hell of a job, Damien contradicts me by saying “That’s all you got? Let’s Go!” At that Ronan picks up his fucking pace and starts battering Damien’s boy box. These are two verbal little fuckers! Damien finally releases a huge nut. Ronan soon follows suit, by firing a mega load of his own that reaches up to his chest. Being the cum hungry bottom boy that he is, Damien licks some of Ronan’s cum up and feeds it to him with a kiss. Good boy!

Watch Ronan Kennedy And Damien Kyle

Fucking Like Gay Boys

Jun 20 2014
Dakota Ford Fucks Kaden Alexander Raw

Dakota Ford Fucks Kaden Alexander Raw

Dakota is back and is ready for revenge. As you may remember, Kaden is the one that deflowered Dakota’s hole. Since he’s been gone, Kaden has started dating a new girl that has no clue what he does for extra cash. I wonder if she’ll hear him as he’s hollering in a mix of pain and pleasure while getting fucked by Dakota today. As good as he is at bottoming, I’m sure Dakota has something to prove on the other end. Set it off!

The boys start off with some lip action. They go right for each other. Tearing off clothes and rubbing all over one another. Dakota makes his way down to Kaden’s big cock and begins to suck him off. Kaden’s sausage gets instantly hard in Dakota’s mouth. Kaden makes him open his mouth and begins to beat Dakota’s tongue with his meat. Dakota licks all over the dick and balls, getting both moist. He stands up and they make out more while rubbing their dicks together. They hop on the bed where Kaden lends his mouth for Dakota’s use. And use it he does. “Oh yeah, suck that fucking dick”, he exclaims. He lays Kaden down onto the bed and starts to fuck his face, chocking his little cocksucker. After punishing Kaden’s throat by tea bagging the boys pull out a toy; a nice big dildo. Kaden slides what must be a nine incher into his hole, with relative ease, getting it nice and open. Dakota swallows Kaden’s cock whole in the meantime.

Now that he’s loosened up, Kaden offers his hole to Dakota who practically dives between his legs and begins to ram it. Dakota digs deeps with long and fast strokes and sure enough he has Kaden moaning loudly in delight. Dakota places Kaden onto his side and drills Kaden more before putting him on his stomach. Kaden’s hot bubble butt bounces off Dakota. Everyone talks about Kayden’s big dick but I’d like to draw attention to that beautiful ass of his. It’s certainly not lost on Dakota who can’t seem to get enough of it, slapping it and destroying it from the inside out. At one point Kaden takes control and uses Dakota’s tool like a toy. He grinds and backs his ass up onto it. Dakota fucks hard until he almost cums inside of Kaden. He pulls out in the nick of time and spews his load all over his ass. Kaden flips over and Dakota deices to thank him by suck him off. Kaden soon explodes, shooting a milky load all over his chest and abs. It doesn’t stay there though. Dakota licks it up for him! As they complete the scene with a kiss I’m left to wonder who’s going to clean up my cum.

Watch Dakota Ford Fuck Kaden Alexander Raw

Dimitri on top

Jun 19 2014
Paul Canon Bottoms For Dimintri

Paul Canon Bottoms For Dimintri

Dimitri is back and today he’s fucking a dude for the first time. BSB veteran and fan favorite Paul Canon will be taking if for the team. Dimitri is horny and so am I so let’s get cracking.

After they get naked the boys indulge is a very steamy kiss. They hold each other close and deliver a very realistic and intimate moment. They move over to the bed where Dimitri practices his fledgling cock sucking skills. He holds Paul’s big dick at the base and furiously inhales it. Paul grabs Dimitri’s hair and encourages him to keep going. Dimitri needs very little coaxing as he looks like he’s enjoying himself. Paul relieves Dimitri from his dick and brings him up for another passionate kiss. Dimitri stands up and Paul makes his cock disappear with his mouth. Paul certainly gets a mouthful with Damien’s big fat cock. He expertly sucks Dimitri off while jacking his own cock. I can’t believe Dimitri doesn’t cum because Pauls’ got some serious oral skills.

And then finally, it’s time for some fucking. Paul bends over while Dimitri lubes up. Once he pushes his cock in the instantly begins to pound away, fucking hard and fast. For someone that was nervous about topping he sure knows how to use a boy’s hole. He has Paul moaning loudly in pure ecstasy. Paul gets on his back where Dimitri slides in and gets right back to work. He buries his cock deep into Paul’s hot hole. Paul shoots a huge load on his chest and abs. He shoots enough to drown in. Dimitri pops a nice load of his own and then gets back to making out with Paul. That was an epic fuck and I can’t wait for Dimitri to bottom. Because of this level of chemistry perhaps Paul should be the one to do the honors.

See Paul Canon Bottom for Dimitri Here

The Oral Exam

Jun 17 2014
Jake Tipton And Ian Dempsey

Jake Tipton And Ian Dempsey

Ian is back and he’s got some training to do. He’s been paired up with newcomer Jake Tipton who will be giving head for the first time. He’s a little worried because he’s afraid that he may not be very good at it. With that adorable accent I’m sure he can talk he’s way out of almost anything but not today. Let’s get started.

The boys start off with some gentle kissing, another first for Jake. They completely strip down and Jake stands on the bed where Ian begins to play with his cock before popping it into his mouth. Jake starts off soft but that certainly does not last long. Ian puts his expert dick sucking skills to good use, making Jake’s dick stiffen. The way Ian swallows on it makes me drool! Getting more and more excited, Jake tells Ian to go faster and that’s exactly what Ian does. Ian is definitely a man that knows how to please. Unable to take anymore Jake pulls out of Ian’s mouth and pops his load all over Ian. Now it’s his turn for his oral exam.

With cum still on is lips and chest, Ian sits back in the chair as Jake wraps his virgin mouth around his cock. He starts with just the head, getting a good taste of it. You can definitely tell that it’s his first time but he’s not half bad. Dimitri already has Ian breathing heavily and his dick at full attention. He moves down to Ian’s balls and gives them some love, kissing and sucking on them, as Ian jacks his cock. Ian bursts in no time; firing a thick load of cum. Jake tenderly strokes Ian’s thick cock as he settles down. Jakes admits that Ian is better than at least half of the girls he’s gotten head from. And according to Ian, Jake’s not too bad either. So I guess that means Jake passed his oral exam but next up is the anal.

Check out Jake Tipton and Ian Dempsey here!

From Dimitri, with love

Jun 15 2014
Damien Kyle And Dimitri Thomas

Damien Kyle And Dimitri Thomas

Newcomer Dimitri has been paired up with Damien Kyle. Dimitri has never been with a guy before and he’ll be sucking dick for the first time today. But first he’ll get to experience what it’s like to have his cock mouth handled by a guy. He should feel lucky that his first time is going to be with Damien Kyle, one of the best cocksuckers this side of California. Let’s break this boy in.

The boys toss their clothes, hop on the bed, and Damien gives Dimitri his first taste of making out with a guy. They play with each other’s dicks, which glow harder and harder. Dimitri lies back and Damien begins to slobber all over his cock. Dimitri is definitely enjoying it as any man would when his dick is being cucked by Damien. Damien takes Dimitri’s entire big pole into his mouth, getting it good and wet. He alternates from tasting Dimitri’s cock and tasting his lips. Soon he concentrates solely on the cock and is bobbing up and down at breakneck speed. Dimitri’s cock erupts, squirting hot steamy cum all over his chest. Hot!

Now the time has come for Dimitri to taste cock for he firs time. He starts off slow but is soon sucking on Damien’s meat like a pro. He takes more and more of it until he is almost down to the balls. It obviously feels good because it only takes a few minutes before Damien busts a nice thick nut.

In the end, Dimitri has to admit that Damien is better than most girls at giving head. He had a pretty good time so I’m hoping they get him back so that cherry can get popped.

Watch Damien Kyle And Dimitri Thomas Here

It’s Troy’s turn to do some invading

Jun 14 2014
Ayden Troy Fucks Vadim Black

Ayden Troy Fucks Vadim Black

I’m in hunk heaven as soon as I press play. Vadim Black and Ayden Troy have been paired up and I’m already sporting wood. Vadim has a new job and a new tat and he’s as sexy as ever. I’m looking forward to watching the equally hot Ayden fuck him backwards. Ready, set, go!

They begin to undress and Ayden helps Vadim to take his pants off. They make out and kiss all over each other’s necks and chests. Ayden gets right to work, placing Vadim’s fat sausage into his mouth, and damn near swallows it whole. He winds and twists his lips all over it until Vadim decides that it’s his turn to taste dick. Ayden sits back onto the chair and watches as Vadim makes his dick grow with this tongue. Vadim has become excellent at giving head; his time at BSB University has done him some good. He’s certainly not the shy guy we met some time ago.

After getting rock hard, Ayden gets lubed and strapped while Vadim prepares his ass. Vadim bends over the bed as Ayden slowly slides inside of him. Ayden starts off with some nice, slow, deep strokes into Vadim hot ass and I’m immediately jealous of both of them. Vadim braces himself as Ayden picks up the pace and really starts to fuck the shit out of him. No stranger to good dick, Vadim begins to moan and cry out in pleasure. Damn! The boy starts to beg for more and Ayden doesn’t disappoint. Ayden flips Vadim on to his back, spreads his legs, and resumes mixing up his insides. Ayden begins to jack Vadim off while fucking him; showing that he’s a top that cares. Before long Ayden is forced to pull out and he spews a healthy nut onto Vadim’s abs. Equally satisfied, Vadim also cums right after. Please, please, please put these two together again!

Watch Ayden Troy Fuck Vadim Black

Each one teach one

Jun 12 2014
Zeno Kostas Fucks Damien Kyle Raw

Zeno Kostas Fucks Damien Kyle Raw

Zeno is back and is ready for some more experimentation with boys. The last time he was with us he bottomed for the first time and it was “intense”. Today we’ve got him paired with Damien Kyle, who is all too willing to be on the receiving end for this stud. Let’s this experience is better for him. Zeno admits that he one day wants to experience having an orgasm while being fucked. Well It’s a good thing he’s with Damien then. Let’s see if he can give Zeno some pointers.

Zeno and Damien shed their clothes and immediately begin kissing. As they smooch, Damien plays with Zeno’s cock. He makes his way down to his pierced nipples, and gently bites on them, teasing Zeno. This gets Zeno’s dick rock hard. He decides to return the favor by blowing Damien’s cock. The cock grows stiff quickly as Zeno gives one of the best sloppy blow jobs I’ve ever seen; complete with spit. Zeno sits back in the chair and Damien quickly takes his rod in his mouth. Zeno face fucks Damien’s warm mouth with his pierced cock. The boys make out again and Damien once again finds Zeno’s nipples with his tongue and teeth.

Zeno lubes his dick and Damien’s ass at the same time. Damien sits back on Zeno’s cock and rides it like he owns it. He bounces on the cock hard and fast, making his own dick wag right in our faces. Zeno holds onto his hips, not willing to let Damien go anywhere. They move down to the floor where Zeno fucks him from behind. Now that Zeno is fully in control he pounds that hairy hole, sending Damien into a moaning fit. Zeno slaps Damien’s ass, taking full ownership of it. Damien gets on the bed and spreads his legs to let Zeno back in. Zeno wastes no time in digging back inside Damien’s hot hole. Damien busts a thick nut while being fucked and Zeno barely gets out of his ass in time to cum in his mouth. Wow! That was on hot fuck. I hope Zeno learned a lot. I expect him on the receiving end next time I see him.

Watch Zeno Kostas Fuck Damien Kyle Raw

Mission accomplished…

Jun 11 2014
Shane Ridge Fucks Tristan Stiles

Shane Ridge Fucks Tristan Stiles

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Tristan or Shane. Welcome back boys! We won’t have Shane for long because he’s going to get deployed to Kuwait. Hopefully, Tristan will give him a proper send off! Tristan has been working at the carwash still so I know he needs to blow off some steam. Let’s get to it.

The boys let loose and show off their bodies. Shane has one hell of an ass on him! I wish they were flipping today so I could see him get fucked but I’ll have to settle for just imagining me burying my face in it. Tristan pulls him close for a nice juicy kiss while simultaneously jacking both of their dicks. The kiss is long and hot! Shane makes his way down to his knees and begins to suck Tristan’s cock. Tristan’s dick grows in Shane’s mouth. Tristan is clearly please with Shane’s oral talents and soon he decides to return the favor. Shane gets on the chair and Tristan immediately gets to work. He accidentally scrapes him once with his teeth (ouch) but makes up for it with a nice sloppy blow. Tristan gets all over Shane’s nice think cock.

Shane straps and lubes up while Tristan sits back into the chair and spreads his legs. Shane wastes no time. He gets in and starts ramming his cock deep inside Tristan’s guts. It doesn’t take long for Tristan to get used to the dick; his ass seems hungry for it. Shane puts Tristan on all fours and continues to fuck the shit out of him, forcing that ass to bounce off his torso. Shane truly fucks Tristan’s hole like its pussy. They transition over to the bed where they make out some more before Shane continues to tear his insides up. Shane really shows no mercy but Tristan is in too much ecstasy to care. Tristan pops his load on his stomach and chest and soon thereafter Shane adds his cum to the mix.

BSB thanks Shane for his service and Tristan for sending our boy off happy.

Check out “Shane Ridge Fucks Tristan Stiles” here

Breaching the newbie’s hole

Jun 10 2014
Jj Masters And Tyler White Flip Fuck

Jj Masters And Tyler White Flip Fuck

JJ and Tyler have been paired up for a little newbie on newbie crime. Tyler has recently been broken in and now it’s time for JJ’s cherry to be popped. I don’t want to waste any more time as I’ve been waiting for this. Let’s get started.

They disrobe, revealing those ho so hot bodies. They have two of the sexiest bodies on BSB. They give each other a few she kisses before Tyler drops to his knees and starts giving some juicy head. He makes JJ’s thick meat stiffen as he licks and spits all over it. Before JJ completely blows his load they switch places and he begins to swallow Tyler’s cock whole. He bobs his head up and downs Tyler’s salty pole.

Tyler gets up a, warps his cock and lubes while JJ mentally prepares for what’s to come. “You ready?” Tyler asks. JJ, with his legs spread, whispers “yeah” and Tyler pushes into his virgin hole. Tyler starts off slow but gets a little excited and begins to fuck JJ like he’s been around the block. And to his credit JJ takes it like a pro. Ready for revenge JJ flips Tyler over and quickly gets inside of him. Tyler may have already had his cherry popped but he still needs some time to get used to JJ’s fat cock. JJ pounds him from behind before putting him on his side. That dick of his grinds deeper and deeper inside and obviously hits some magic spot because Tyler cums within minutes; landing a nice juicy load on his abs. JJ pulls out and fires a huge steamy load on Tyler’ chest.

Tyler is worn out and surprised that he came while getting fucked. He didn’t know that was possible. Welcome to the club buddy. JJ admits that getting fucked was painful and that he almost cried. Maybe next time he’ll be the one cumming while getting fucked…can’t wait.

Watch JJ Masters and Tyler White Flip Fuck

Just 3 inches, huh?

Jun 9 2014
Dakota Ford and Jaden Bentley Flip

Dakota Ford and Jaden Bentley Flip

Our favorite newbie Jaden is back and it’s time to pop that little cherry of his. Preforming the honor is BSB’s resident jokester, Dakota Ford. The director promises that Dakota only has a three inch dick and that it won’t hurt that much. LOL! I love it when they say that.

After stripping down Dakota pulls Jaden into him and delivers a sloppy kiss. They move onto the bed where they continue to make out and play with each other’s cocks. Dakota decides to help Jaden relax with a blowjob. Dakota devours the dick, getting all of it in his mouth. He licks all over the veiny pole and even beats it against his tongue. Satisfied with his work, he directs Jaden’s head over onto his lap. Jaden knows what to do. He sucks Dakota’s cock and only takes a brief break to make out with him. “This is definitely bigger than three inches” he observes while slobbering on Dakota’s sausage. Jaden sucks that dick like he likes it, or maybe he’s just trying to delay what’s to come.

Dakota, eager to get the new boy opened, places him on his back and lubes up. “Be gentle”, Jaden requests before Dakota begins to push his raw dick inside. Dakota busts right through the never before used hole and immediately starts to bang it out. So much for respecting the new merchandise! Dakota hold Jaden’s leg up as he tears through his man pussy. Jaden is calling out in pain, but Dakota is enjoying himself too much to care. He gets him to turn over, revealing Jaden’s nick bubble butt. After reinserting, Jaden screams out Dakota’s name in pain, almost like a plea for mercy. I hope he lives through this one! “Take this dick” Dakota demands the new boy. Jaden simmers some and does exactly what he’s told. Good boy!

The tables turn and Dakota gets on his back, spreads his legs, and fingers himself before letting Jaden’s dick inside. Jaden mercifully start off slow. “God you dick is big”, Dakota moans. “Oh gimme that dick, own that ass” Dakota begs. Jaden uses that big tool of his to plow right through Dakota as commanded. It doesn’t take long for Dakota to cum. He shoots cum all over his sexy abs and chest. Jaden pulls out and spills his own man seed onto Dakota’s cock and balls. Jaden lived through one hell of a fucking from Dakota and I can’t wait to see these two in action again.

Check out this hot scene by clicking here

Get some cash, I’m gonna get some ass

Jun 1 2014
Kaden Alexander Fucks Jaden Bentley

Kaden Alexander Fucks Jaden Bentley

Jaden has been making his rounds as a newcomer but his next stop may hurt him a little. He has been paired up with Kaden Alexander who is ready to break him in the right way. Jaden is a little scared because he’s heard that Kaden has a pretty big tool. Now let’s see if he can handle it.

The boys start off with some really hot kissing and are all over each other. They seem really into each other, they barely stop kissing; not even while ripping each other’s clothes off. Kaden tosses Jaden on the bed and begins to ravish his cock with his mouth. After a nice active blowjob, Kaden stands and Jaden begins to suck him off. He gets a good feel for the big dick that’s about to be all up in that ass. He can barely fit the dick in his mouth. Kaden takes over and start to fuck his mouth; giving Jaden a true preview of what’s to come.

Kaden bends Jaden over, lubes up and pushes his man bat into Jaden’s ass, raw. Jaden grunts in pain but Kaden just keeps pounding, and who can blame him? Jaden has a very hot bubble butt. He gets tossed on his side where Kaden continues to destroy his hole. He kisses Jaden a few times but he doesn’t slow down. Soon Jaden is on his back having his guts hammered into nothing. He jacks his own big meat while panting in pleasure. And just when I think Kaden is going to cum inside of him he pulls out and drowns Jaden in cum. They taste each other’s cum and Jaden admits that he’s a little sore. He’s also surprised that he didn’t pass out and honestly, I am too!

Watch Kaden Alexander Fuck Jaden Bentley

And the winner is…

May 31 2014
Tate Thompson And Romeo Flip Fuck Raw

Tate Thompson And Romeo Flip Fuck Raw

Tate and Romeo have been throwing jabs at each other lately. Apparently, they’ve got a competition going on. They want the cameraman to decide who the more hardcore fucker is. Let’s see how this shakes out.

They lose the clothes and Romeo starts by blowing Tate’s cock. It must feel good because Tate’s mouth drops open instantaneously. Romeo’s mouth glides up and down his shaft and releases only to lick Tate’s balls. That cock gets good and wet before Tate stops him; claiming that it’s his turn. Before getting on his knees he and Romeo begin to kiss, making me hope that there’s more than just a friendly competition going on between them. Oh, the places my imagination will go! I’m brought back to reality by Romeo’s loud moans. Tate’s warm mouth is doing a number on his dick. Romeo plays in Tate’s golden hair as he receives tonsil service. I’m sure it’s good but Romeo can’t wait any longer. He orders Tate onto the bed. He gets Tate on his side, lifts up his leg and starts rimming his asshole. Once it’s nice and slick, Romeo slides his cock right inside. Tate has some obvious pain at first but Romeo has a point to make. He digs his rod deep into Tate. While pounding his hole, Romeo licks Tate’s chest, and pits. He holds him close and brings Tate in for another hot kiss. Tate must be fully enjoying himself now because his dick is rock hard. Romeo repositions Tate onto his back and turns up the heat by sucking on Tate’s toes while he fucks him. Romeo’s nastier than I thought!

IF this is truly a fucking completion than Tate is going to have his work cut out for him. Romeo pulls out and sits on Tate’s face. Tate begins to feast on that ass; sticking his tongue in as far as it will go. He pulls Romeo’s cheeks apart to help his tongue journey as far down that hairy hole as it can. Satisfied with the lube job, Tate begins to squeeze his cock into Romeo. Romeo begs him to go slow; but they clearly have different definitions of the word because Tate just begins to pound away. Romeo’s hairy booty bounces off of Tate’s torso. Romeo definitely has one of the sexiest asses of the entire BSB team. Tate’s pole slides in and out and I can’t help but to jealous of both of them. Tate flips Romeo onto his back and begins to batter that hole even harder. Romeo’s moans gets louder and louder and then he spews cum all over his chest. Tate fucked the cum right out of him! Romeo slides off of the bed and onto his knees right before allowing Tate to cum directly into his mouth. And just when I thought this scene couldn’t get any hotter; Romeo pushes Tate onto the chair then deposits the cum directly into Tate’s mouth! The director can’t call a winner in this competition and I can’t blame him, that she was hot!

Watch Tate Thompson And Romeo Flip Fuck Raw

You break him, you buy him

May 30 2014
Sergio Valen Fucks Vadim Black

Sergio Valen Fucks Vadim Black

Soooo, I’m wet and the video hasn’t even started yet. Sergio and Vadim…in a scene together? Yeah, this one is going to be a tough one to get through without me prematurely blowing my load on my keyboard. So let’s just get started.

The boys lose their clothes, hop on the bed, and immediately begin to make out. I mean, they really make out! Sergio makes his way down to Vadim’s dick. Vadim lets out a cute little giggle from being tickled some but Sergio just starts sucking and soon Vadim is in sheer delight. I’ve been watching Sergio for quite some time and I can honestly say that this is one of the best blow jobs he’s ever given. He gets all of Vadim’s big cock into his mouth and barely comes up for air. “This dick tastes so good”, he says as he continues to inhale it. Sergio leans back and Vadim begins to blow him. This kid has come a long way too. I watch him twist his mouth and hands all over Sergio’s giant cock and my own dick start throbbing. Vadim methodically pleases Sergio with his hot tongue and lips making him moan; barely able to contain himself.

Completely turned on, Sergio straps up and puts Vadim on his side. He tries to slide in but that hammer is just too much for Vadim. Sergio pulls out and gives Vadim a few seconds to adjust. Sergio goes in for a second attempt and this time he succeeds, squeezing that fat sausage into Vadim’s tight fuck hole. Vadim is still in pain but he takes it while Sergio slowly eases more and more of his boy beater into him; until every inch is safely nestled inside. His slow passionate grinding has me drooling. Vadim starts to get used to it and is soon yelling out from a mixture of pleasure and pain.

Sergio stands up and reinserts his cock back in Vadim’s gut. This has to be the biggest dick he’s had plowing through him because he looks like he’s being broken into two. And Sergio begins to fuck him like that’s his intent. He digs deeper and deeper, fucking harder and harder. Soon, Sergio has him on his knees. He instructs him to arch his back and begins to really plow him. “Oh my God” Vadim repeats over and over. None of his moaning and groaning is slowing Sergio down. As we all know, Sergio fucks until he’s ready to bust. And bust he does, all over Vadim’s back. Vadim turns over and immediately blasts his own load. Sergio rewards the young lad with a nick juicy kiss. I hope Sergio didn’t break him!

Check out this hot scene featuring Vadim and Sergio here

Bareback Orgy Action 1000th Episode

May 7 2014
Bareback Orgy Action 1000th Episode

Bareback Orgy Action 1000th Episode

It’s the 1000th episode and Broke Straight Boys is celebrating by putting not two, not three, not four, but five hot broke boys into action. The lineup includes Damien Kyle, Dakota Ford, Paul Cannon, Kayden Alexander and the newbie Tyler White. I’ll pause to let you pick your brains up off of the floor… Now let’s get down to making history.

Kayden and Dakota get right at each other and begin kissing, as do Tyler and Damien. Soon enough BSB briefs are hitting the floor and Paul and Kayden drop to their knees and begin to pleasure the cocks before them. These boys are all over each other. They continuously rotate form kissing to blowing to receiving. At one point it’s Paul that has three juicy cocks dangling in his face. That is until Tyler and Dakota join him in servicing the boys. Dicks are going form mouth to mouth; it’s hard to keep up!
Damien forcibly pulls Tyler aside and onto the ground where Tyler begins to blow him. I can’t help but drool as Tyler arches his back and shows off his bubble butt. Meanwhile, Kayden is being blown by both Damien and Paul. This shit is so hot! Dakota leaves Paul and Kayden to make out as he enters Damien’s mouth. Feeling left out, Kayden and Paul join in. Now you’ve got Tyler blowing Damien, Damien blowing Dakota, Dakota blowing Paul, and Paul blowing Kayden. Wow!

And finally the fucking begins! Dakota’s lies back on the bed and is soon invaded by Kayden. Damien offers his ass to Paul who immediately slides deep inside of him. Tyler finds a place for his dick inside Damien’s mouth. The room is filling with the moans of Dakota who is struggling to take Kayden’s cock. Tyler must have thought that he was too loud so he decides to shut him up by sitting on his face. That’s right, you read that correctly. Damien gives Tyler a rim job while getting fucked. Now it’s Damien’s turn to scream out while getting raped from behind by Paul. Paul is fucking Damien like he wants to break him. Soon Paul and Kayden switch fucking partners and the intensity ramps up. Kayden shows Damien’s ass no mercy and Tyler stuffs his cock back into Damien’s mouth and engages Kayden in some spit swapping. Dakota is also lip locked with Paul who is battering his hot man pussy. This has to be the most energetic fucking to ever take place at BSB. Ready to get into the eye of the storm, Tyler lubes his ass up. Kayden does the honor of breaking into his ass and has the lad screaming. Those screams are soon muffled by a passionate kiss from Damien who is still on his back getting fucked by Paul and getting his dick sucked by Dakota. Dakota goes back and forth between sucking Damien and Tyler’s cock. That cock hungry boy is soon rewarded with a taste of Tyler’s hot steamy load as its shot directly into his mouth. Dakota then takes that load and deposits it into Damien’s mouth. That’s not the only present that Damien will be receiving today. Dakota, Paul, Kayden, and even a reenergized Tyler all shot massive loads onto him. Hot! They don’t leave the mess though, they lick it all off! And there you have it, the 1000th episode and it was the hottest ever. Now I’m officially looking forward to the 2000th episode.

You can watch the 1000th Scene by clicking here

Who’s invading whom?

May 6 2014
Romeo James and Vadim Black Flip

Romeo James and Vadim Black Flip

Worlds are about to collide. The time has come for Vadim to get his cherry popped! Just the thought of the Russian stud getting fucked should make you pitch a tent. And to make matters 10 times sexier it’ll be Romeo doing the BSB community a favor and cut the ribbon on that tight hole.

Things start off with a rather sobering but brief convo about Russian’s less than human treatment of gays. In honor of the oppressed in his native country Vadim half-jokingly dedicates his performance to them. AND with that the boys lose their clothes and Vadim proudly shows off his Russian tattoo. They get on the bed and begin to kiss. Romeo is one hell of a kisser and I love to see him do his thing. Romeo then moves down and begins to make out with Vadim’s cock. He starts sucking and like magic Vadim’s cock just gets bigger and bigger. Romeo’s lips are enough to make me hard so watching them wrapped around Vadim’s tool is just icing on the cake. Vadim begins to make out with Romeo once more before stuffing Romeo’s big dick into his mouth. For an amateur, Vadim’s cock sucking has come a long way. He swivels his mouth all over that meat pole. He gets a good half of it into his mouth. His deliberately slow synchronized tongue and hand motions have Romeo squirming.

Now, its cherry popping time! Romeo uses plenty of lube on his dick, but for good measure, Vadim personally lubes his ass up. He lies back on the bed and spreads his legs. Romeo begins to penetrate his hole and barely has his head in before Vadim is wailing in pain. Vadim turns red from the chest up. “Ohhhh fuck!” he exclaims as Romeo pushes his dick in another inch. The first timer swears repeatedly as his hole becomes more and more acquainted with Romeo’s cock. Slowly but surely, Romeo picks up his pace. Vadim tires to plays with dick to distract himself from his asshole; which has to fell like its being broken. And it seems to work as Vadim’s grunts of pain morph into moans of pleasure. Romeo’s got more than half of his dick in now and Vadim is screaming his name!

Impressed and undoubtedly turned on Vadim’s tenacity and durability; Romeo relieves him by pulling out and then offers his ass up for a pounding. Vadim’s man pussy may still be throbbing but so is his rock hard cock. He slides into Romeo’s hot (but not so virgin) ass. Romeo’s ass always makes my mouth water some. His fat booty bounces off Vadim’s torso as Vadim begins to revenge pound him. That hairy hole of Romeo’s accepts al of Vadim’s Russian intruder. Romeo flips onto his back and Vadim continues to ram into his insides. There’s nothing but pleasure on both ends now. Vadim requests to see Romeo cum and in seconds he does. He fires a load all over his stomach and Vadim follows up by cumming on Romeo’s hand.

Vadim admits that taking dick “hurt like a motherfucker” at first but it got pleasurable. All in all he enjoyed him and thanks to Romeo’s professional deflowering we will be seeing Vadim’s’ ass plowed again.

Watch Romeo James and Vadim Black Flip


Wobble Baby Wobble

May 6 2014
Damien Kyle Fucks Tristan Stiles

Damien Kyle Fucks Tristan Stiles

Damien and Tristan are back and as Tristan puts it, “they’ve got bills”. This episode starts off a bit strangely as Tristan is pressured into displaying his dancing abilities by doing “The Wobble”. Not bad for a white boy! Then the boys discuss Tristan’s way of greeting friends with “what up lady?” I’d be careful calling folks “lady” if I was about to get fucked. Speaking of which…

The boys undress and get on the bed. They show off their firm asses for the camera, giving them a niche shake for us. Damien pulls Tristan’s cheeks apart to put his hole on display. His tight hole is covered with soft fur. Tristan makes it “wink” for Damien. He flips over and Damien rewards him for his show with a blowjob. Damien is one of BSB’s best cock suckers and he has Tristan’s dick as hard as a brick in no time. He takes Tristan’s cock down to the balls over and over again. His skills are written all over Tristan’s face; he can’t even keep his mouth closed! Completely turned on by Damien’s’ head work, Tristan pulls him in for a kiss, and it’s a nice one. Damien goes form kissing Tristan’s lips to once again slobbering on his dick. Satisfied, Tristan begins to get Damien’s dick wet. This little cock sucker has come a long way. Damien’s dick stiffens after only a few moments of having Tristan’s mouth wrapped around it. And once it’s fully hard it’s go time.

Damien lubes, straps his dick up and then penetrates Tristan’s ass from behind. Most guys would start off slow, but not Damien; he immediately starts fucking Tristan like his trying to break a record. Tristan takes it like the good bottom boy his is. That hairy ass of his can take a real pounding now and Damien is certainly up to meeting the standard. He firmly grabs Tristan by the hips as his hammers that booty into submission. They roll over onto their sides and Damien continues to dominate that hole. As hot as it looks, Damien doesn’t seem to be getting as much as he wants. “Fuck this!” he says as he tosses the blonde fuck boy on his back, spreads his legs and digs deeper into his hole. “Ah yeah” Damien moans as Tristan feverishly jacks his cock. This position must be working for him too. “Cum for me” Damien demands, and Tristan does just that. Pools of milky cum cover Tristan’s torso. Damien pulls out and spills is own creamy load onto Tristan’s dick.

Damien mixes his cum with Tristan’s and makes him taste it. Man I hope these boys stay broke for a long time to come.

Check out the new video here

The Dick of Your Nightmares

Apr 12 2014
Kayden Alexander bottoms for Duncan Taylor

Kayden Alexander bottoms for Duncan Tyler

Kayden isn’t very excited today. That’s probably because he’s broke and about to get fucked by Duncan Tyler. Duncan’s got a dick that tends to scare even the “brokest” of straight boys off. Apparently he’s even had some chicks who couldn’t handle it. This sounds like a good premise for a horror flick. Will Kayden be able to survive? In other news, Kayden has been looking for a girlfriend but hasn’t had any luck. The cameraman and Duncan believe it because Kayden can come off like a player but I believe it may have something to do with sucking dicks for money and our entertainment. I hope getting fucked by Duncan doesn’t impede his progress any further. Let’s get busy.

The boys undress. Kayden finishes first and his body is kind of ridiculous. It amazes me that any girl could pass up an opportunity to feel all over it. Before Duncan even removes his briefs I’m already salivating at his bulge. Yeah, this kid’s got on helluva hammer. My eyes follow his cock as he and Kayden head for the bed. Kayden lies on the bed and Duncan takes his uncut meat into his mouth. He alternates between jacking and sucking until Kayden’s cock is rock hard. Duncan does a great job of fitting the entire thing into his mouth. He chokes some but is unfazed. That warm mouth of Duncan’s has Kayden moaning in ecstasy. They switch roles and now Kayden has the duty of fitting Duncan’s chunky beef whistle into his mouth. Kayden gets as much as he can into his mouth but that’s a whole lot of dick to work with. Damn! My jaw is hurting just watching him try. He licks the shaft up and down, while holding the base. Kayden’s not afraid; he bobs on the cock making Duncan’s toes curl. And then, Duncan pulls out the magnum! Cue “O Fortuna”!

He rolls the condom over his third leg and Kayden lubes it up. It’ll probably take half of the bottle to do the job. For someone not excited about getting fucked, Kayden surely wastes no time hopping on it. “Oh fuck” he moans. Watching Kayden try to take that much dick that way is surreal…surreal and epically hot! He starts off only able to fit about half of it in him but soon Duncan’s entire baby arm is through the hole. He rides it like a boy born for the rodeo but with a dick that far inside him I’m sure he won’t fall off. He turns around to face Duncan and continues to ride. As he uses Duncan’s bat as his own personal toy, Kayden gets louder and louder. He spreads his cheeks with his hands, allowing ever more of Duncan’s cock to invade his ass.

Kayden gets on all fours and Duncan immediately packs his tool back into its place. I love watching Kayden’s brown bubble butt get fucked from behind. With Duncan in control, that hole is shown no mercy and Kayden gets louder and louder. Duncan fucks him good. He manages to bury his dick in all the way to the base, stretching Kayden’s boy hole to the max. Duncan pounds his ass like he’s trying to break it into tiny brown pieces. How can he take it? No, seriously, I need to see a diagram or something to understand the mechanics of fitting something that big inside something so small. Anyway, I’m sure Kayden is relieved when Duncan pulls out and blows a massive load all over his chest. Big dick= big load. Kayden cums next blasting a large load of his own. Kayden survived but I’m sure Duncan broke something inside him. I wonder who will be next.

Watch Kayden Alexander Bottom for Duncan Tyler Now

Ultimate Fucking

Apr 11 2014
Cage Kafig Fucks Dakota Ford

Cage Kafig Fucks Dakota Ford

Ding, ding, ding! In tonight’s matchup we have Dakota Ford and Cage Kafig. This should be better than any fight I’ve seen on Pay Per View. Dakota says he’s only heard “a little bit” about Cage…“a little bit”?! It’s a good thing he’s not talking about dick size because Cage is far from little in that department. Dakota quickly asserts that he’s not talking about size and declares “that he knows better” than to talk about shit before getting fucked. Whew! That was close! I ‘m sure “Cage Match” Cage would have taken that insult out on his ass. Instead Cage says that despite his reputation for being aggressive he’s going to take it easy on Dakota today…yeah we’ll see about that. Both boys are fighters and they have the bodies to prove it! I should do sit ups while watching this…or just burn calories while jacking off. We’ll see what happens ;)

The boys loose the clothes and Dakota once again shows off his BSB underwear for the camera. The boy can’t seem to get enough of them. They both turn around and display their cheeks for us and the camera man. “The Clench Brothers” they call themselves as they contract their glutes. Dakota lies on the bed and Cage begins to suck his cock. And that cock isn’t small either. It immediately hardens inside Cage’s mouth. Dakota is completely relaxed now. Cage’s eyes begin to water but he’s not done yet. He gets those soft lips wrapped back around Dakota’s thick cock and continues to get it nice and wet. I wonder how this blow job compares to his wife’s because Cage is putting in some work. Dakota’s cock gets stiffer and stiffer and for a second I thought he was going to pop. Cage moves to the chair and Dakota begins to return the favor. There’s no need to wait for Cage to get hard as his monster is fully grown and ready to attack. Dakota gets over half of it into his mouth and he works it over good! He tears up some, of course, but that dick tastes too good to stop sucking. Besides, he wants to get his cock as close to popping as he can before he gets fucked with it.

Dakota lies back on the bed and he watches Cage lube his cock. Once he’s ready he puts Dakota on his knees and stuffs his cum slinger into his tight hole. Dakota is obviously in pain and soon Cage has it all in and starts fucking away. Each stroke loosens Dakota up but his still looks as if he’s being torn apart. “Cage your dick is so big” Dakota admits under pressure. So much for taking it “easy”, Cage is letting that hole have it, every inch. Dakota’s hairy ass has to be burning as it’s stretched to its limit. Dakota adjusts and gets on his side as Dakota reenters him and starts to fuck the life out of him, some more. Precum has accumulated at the base of Cage’s cock, but much to Dakota’s dismay, he’s far from done. Cage begins to play with Dakota’s cock to help him relax and get in to it. It seems to work as Dakota’s grunts of pain transform into moans of pleasure. He begins to stroke his own thickening rod. Cage drags Dakota’s body to the edge of the bed and continues to bang his boy box. Dakota is taking every inch with ease now. Cage continues to massage his insides with his pole while Dakota jacks his dick furiously until cum is spewing from his dick. Does Cage pull out? Of course not! He continues to fuck Dakota and he even picks up the pace. Damn! That’s a cold blooded top! Dakota takes it and he is soon rewarded by being shot in the face with Cage’s jizz. He tried to avoid it, but Cage has great aim.

Dakota’s ass and face weren’t the only casualties of this encounter. Cage’s cock has a bruise on it which must be rug burn from Dakota’s furry ass. Bumps and bruises. Good fight boys, good fight!

Watch the scene here!

It’s a good day to get fucked

Apr 8 2014
Romeo James, Kaden Alexander And Cage Kafig

Romeo James, Kaden Alexander And Cage Kafig

We’ve got three broke boys in the room today; Romeo James, Kaden Alexander and Cage Kafig. If this blog had sound effects you’d be hearing applause, sirens, explosions, and dogs barking. This threesome is going to be too hot for words. Let’s get fucking

The boys get started by lubing up…not their dicks but Kayden’s legs. He’s a little ashy but apparently lube is a great moisturizer. Once Kayden’s legs are up to code the boys undress. Romeo is already hard! I think any man with a pulse would be in this room. “Hard dicks and helicopters” Kayden taunts. They lube up and this time its their dicks. Romeo stands on the bed and gets a blowjob from Cage, while Kayden blows Cage. Cage and Kayden are both excellent cocksuckers! They fully inhale the dicks in their mouths while Romeo has a bird eye’s view of all the action. The camera zooms in on Kayden, spotlighting the way he hungrily swallows Cage’s big cock while jacking his own uncut meat. Cage slurps and pacifies himself on Romeo dicks while sounds of moaning fill the air. This is already one hot threesome! That flavored lube must be really good. Romeo climbs off the bed for a taste test. He pops Kayden’s big dick in his mouth and begins to blowing away. His skills immediately have Kayden moaning loudly. Meanwhile, Cage’s volume is increasing as Kayden’s blows his brains out. Romeo takes as much cock as he can but he soon finds himself gagging. That’s what happens when you get to the Cock Sucking Olympics. Romeo isn’t deterred. He gets right back to sucking and licking Kayden’s juicy meat pole.

Ready to be fucked, Kayden lies back and offers his ass to Romeo. Romeo invades his caramel hole, pressing his dick in raw. Cage doesn’t care if Kayden is preoccupied or not, he stuffs his baby leg right back into Kayden’s mouth. I try to contain my jealousy and live vicariously while Kayden acts out one of my personal fantasies; getting pig roasted by two hot straight boys. Kayden hums out muffled moans as Romeo plows his ass and holds those lubed legs apart.

Cage, ready to get his own dick warm in some man booty, lays Romeo down on his back and slides inside him. That hairy ass of Romeo’s has had many guest appearances in my dreams. Cage’s raw cock glides in and out of it. Kayden stands on the bed and implants his dick in Cage’s mouth. I wonder if Cage is practiced enough to fuck and suck at the same time. My question is soon answered. Kayden holds Romeo’s leg out of the way, allowing Cage to get at his dick with his mouth. Not one to be outdone at multitasking Romeo grabs Cage’s arm and starts to suck on his finger. Hot! Cage fucks past Romeo’s hairy entrance, going in and out at breakneck speed. All three boys are calling out in pleasure.Kayden moves down to Romeo and dips his dick back into Romeo’s warm mouth. He watches Cage batter Romeo’s booty until he’s jealous and ready for his turn. Kayden pulls Romeo to him and stuffs his big black cock inside. Cage finds a place for his own pole; and that’s back in Kayden’s mouth. “That feels so good” Romeo belts out form below. He’s not the only one crying out; “Fuck yeah, suck that dick”, Cage commands while having his big sausage devoured by Kayden.

Romeo is in . He squirts man milk all over his belly. Kayden and Cage add to Romeo’s sperm collection by blasting their loads all over him! I could populate an entire nation with thousands of BSB bastards from all the baby batter on Romeo’s chest! In an attempt to help Kayden stay moisturized, Romeo rubs some of the cum on his legs. I have some more if he needs it!

Check out Romeo James, Kaden Alexander And Cage Kafig

No, you’re not gay ;)

Apr 7 2014
Paul Canon Fucks Tristan Stiles

Paul Canon Fucks Tristan Stiles

Paul and our favorite bottom Tristan are together. Paul is dressed like someone dropped him off from the early 90s but with those looks he can get away with it. After a discussion about feet, Tristan’s car wash labor, cracked skin, and Pauls’ new place and puppy we’re ready to get down to business. Paul hasn’t busted a nut in a while so I’m sure has a nice steamy load brewing for us. They quickly disrobe and Paul gets on his knees and immediately begins to suck Tristan’s cock. Paul’s full lips make it all the way to the base of Tristan’s dick. What I wouldn’t give to be on the receiving end of this bj. Paul is one of the best dick suckers in the game. He sucks aggressively at the head before going all the way down on the shaft. The camera pans down and we can see just how excited Paul is as he strokes his own rock hard cock. Tristan must have caught sight of it as well because he instantly decides that it’s his turn to devour some sausage. Paul releases and lies on the floor and Tristan dives right in; mouth first. Paul’s cannon is big enough to choke a whale but Tristan has no issue getting at least ¾ of it in his mouth. His face turns bright read as gets Paul’s cock wet with saliva. This is how 95% of lockjaw cases begin; trying to fit big cocks into your mouth. Let’s see Tristan can fit more than ¾ of Paul’s hammer into his ass. Paul straps and lubes up his cock and Tristan hops right on. And yes folks, that dick is swallowed whole by Tristan’s hairy man cave. He rides it hard! Between his bouncing and Paul’s ramming, Tristan just can’t get enough.

He hops up and positions himself on the chair so that he can once again offer his ass to Paul. Paul pops his neat stick right back into Tristan. He shows no mercy and continues to fuck the shit out of him. Tristan’s moans are just short of begin pleas for help. Something tells me that this is one of those occasions where bystanders just stand back, watch, and caress their crotches. Unconcerned and deep in his own pleasure, Paul continues to assault Tristan’s ass, which is bouncing all over the place. Paul is really getting a workout by banging Tristan.

Tristan gets a brief break from the pummeling when he moves over to the bed; but it doesn’t last long. Paul parks his cock once more in Tristan’s tight hole and starts remixing his insides. Tristan has to be enjoying it, because his cock is rock hard. Mine would be too if my legs were being held apart and my ass was being fucking by Paul Canon. While being pounded into ecstasy, Tristan jacks his rod. Paul fucks the warm man milk right outta Tristan right before squirting a massive load all over Tristan. We should measure how far Paul shot to see if he broke any BSB records. The camera man points out that Tristan’s dick got hard while he was getting fucked. He and Paul both try to reassure Tristan that it doesn’t mean he’s gay …and they’re right. But it does mean that he’s a true bottom boy that enjoys getting fucked by monster cocks.

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The Robin Hood of Porn

Apr 1 2014
Jaxon Ryder Fucks Ian Dempsey

Jaxon Ryder Fucks Ian Dempsey

Jaxon and Ian have returned and are as hunky as ever. These boys are back to make a little cash or as Ian likes to think “to help a brother out.” He believes that he’s doing BSB a favor by filming today…ok Ian. Whatever helps you sleep at night or makes it easier for you to get that beautiful tush fucked. Speaking of which, it’s time to toss the clothes and get down to “helping others”.

The boys quickly undress and show us their asses. Ian’s ass has red, strap like marks. Hmmm. He blames it on sitting down on uncomfortable furniture but it looks to me like someone has been spanking him. I prefer that latter for my own wicked fantasies. Jaxon grabs one of Ian’s cheeks and gives it firm squeeze. They exchange a few kisses before Jaxon takes Ian’s thick cock into his mouth. For a guy with such bad boy appeal, he definitely knows how to work his mouth. He laps and sucks Ian’s dick while gently caressing it. He’s trying to take as much as possible but Ian’s thickness just may be too much. Ian sits Jaxon on the bed, as it’s his turn to deliver. He gets right to work, sucking on Jaxon’s uncut cock. As he sucks, we watch Jaxon’s rod get bigger and stiffer. I love watching a dick get hard in a pretty mouth like Ian’s. Seriously, he’s got some really sexy lips! As Jaxon’s stick grows to full size, Ian continues to take all of it, fitting the entire veiny monster in his mouth. He swallows all the way down to the base. Damn! I love the way he gives head. He really is doing us a favor by being here!

Just as I’m getting rock hard myself, Jaxon begins to lube up. The rumors are true; he likes to fuck! Ian sits his juicy ass down on Jaxon’s stiff meat. The cock squeezes into his tight hole. Ian begins to bounce up and down, using that thick dick for his own pleasure. Jaxon soon turns the tables and begins to pummel Ian’s ass from below. Ian strokes his own fat wood while Jaxon continues to invade his ass with his. Ian lets go for a few moments and his cock swings freely in our faces. Talk about an incentive to jump through the screen!

Ian gets off of Ian’s fleshy pogo stick and gets on all fours. Jaxon wastes no time in getting back into Ian’s hot hole. He pushes his meat back where it belongs and continues to bang away. Ian’s fatty absorbs all of the abuse. From the side, I can see Jaxon’s balls slapping Ian’s booty over and over again. This boy knows how to fuck! Watching his tatted and pierced body in motion would be hot enough, but having the pleasure of watching him fuck the hunky Ian has me ready to burst! The two switch positions. Ian lies on his back and Jaxon just continues to use him like his own personal bitch boy. Ian doesn’t mind, he jacks his cock while Jaxon works. I don’t know what’s hotter; seeing Jaxon’s dick chisel his initials on Ian’s hole, watching Ian jack his juicy cock, or dreaming about kissing Ian’s slight parted lips which still have my attention. Wonderfully in sync, Ian and I cum at the same time (I read somewhere that that means that you’re meant to be together so he should call me!) He fires a steamy load onto his abs as Jaxon continues to fuck him. Soon after, Jaxon adds his own load of cum to the mix. How hot! I wonder when the “Robin Hood of porn” will strike again.

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Vadim Black fucks Tate Thompson

Mar 27 2014
Vadim Black Fucks Tate Thompson

Vadim Black Fucks Tate Thompson

I’m pretty sure my brain is going to explode after this encounter. Vadim Black and Tate Thompson? Together? #instantwood. Vadim (I call him Darth Vadim because we’re tight like that) is finally going to get some penetrating action. It’s time to help him delve a bit deeper into his curiosities, about 9 inches deeper to be precise. The last time he was here he received an amazing blowjob from Paul Cannon. He says he’s nervous but I’m sure he’s at least a little turned on by the prospect of sexing with Tate; one of my personal favorite broke boys. Let’s get it.

They drop trow and reveal their sexy asses. Tate squeezes Vadim’s little bubble butt and comments that it makes his look “mammoth.” That’s some good ass on both of them if you ask me. Besides, it’s not what’s on the outside that counts; it’s the inside and soon enough Vadim will be all up in Tate’s insides. After reviewing each other’s assets Vadim pulls Tate close and they begin to kiss like long lost lovers. And I drool with envy just watching. Tate gently leads Vadim’s head down to his dick and Vadim…wait for it…puts it in his mouth. A gay angel just got a pair of Louis Vuitton wings. Finally! Vadim begins to suck Tate’s cock. I’ve been waiting for this for some time. The dark and handsome Vadim has never been sexier than he is now with his lips wrapped around Tate’s shaft. He takes it well for a newbie, almost deep throating at couple of points. “Damn” is all Tate can say when Vadim asks if it’s good. Tate gently rescues Vadim from his knees and begins to kiss him again. They won’t be straight for long if they keep that up. Tate lays Vadim on the bed and begins to suck him off. Vadim grabs Tate by his blond hair to help guide his mouth up and down his dick. That uncut cock of his just grows and grows as he works on it. Tate definitely knows what he’s doing. Vadim enticed and ready to fuck lubes up. Tate lies on his side and Vadim gently slides in raw. Vadim lifts Tate’s leg up and he begins to bully that ass with his uncut beast. “Fuck me”, Tate begs at a whisper. Vadim continues to do just that while nibbling on his neck and ear. Tate asks to be fucked harder and Vadim obliges.

Vadim puts Tate on all fours and continues to fuck away. Tate’s sexy ass bounces off of Vadim. That juicy booty of his is hungry for all the pounding Vadim’s meat can give it. Tate arches his back, the universal sign for “this ass is your’s daddy”! He repositions himself on his back and Vadim picks up right where he left off. Tate starts to play with his dick while coaching Vadim; telling him to go faster. I’m sure Tate’s sexy ass can take quite the beating. Vadim picks up the pace as requested, making Tate moan loudly. Tate’s a verbal little fuck and I love it. “Oh yeah, right there” he chants over and over. Soon a juicy load of cum is spilling out of his dick and into his belly button. Vadim follow suit and spews cum all over his first bottom boy. What a fucking! Tate was just the right boy to show him the ropes. Now I’m ready to see if Vadim will allow one of these guys to pop his cherry…

Watch Vadim Black Fuck Tate Thompson Here

Attack of the Broke Cannibals

Mar 26 2014
Paul Canon And Dakota Ford Flip Fuck Raw

Paul Canon And Dakota Ford Flip Fuck Raw

Is he ripping dead skin off his hand with his teeth? Oh you straight boys! Paul doesn’t mind chewing his skin off but Dakota seems to be a little grossed out. Paul reminds him that it’s no different than tasting one’s own cum, something he assures Dakota will experience today.

The boys undress and Dakota proudly displays his BSB underwear. Finally! He sucked a lot of dicks and got his ass plowed enough; he earned them. After removing his prized undies, Dakota finds himself in a sexy lip lock with Paul. I love watching Paul kiss, he’s so passionate that his partners can’t help but get into it. After a tasty smooch Paul pushes Dakota back onto the bed and begins to blow him. We already know that Paul likes the taste of skin. He’s already had an appetizer so I’m guessing this is his entrée. Dakota’s big dick does look good enough to eat! Paul’s sucking action has Dakota moaning loudly. The look on Dakota’s face is something every cock sucker works for.

Dakota slides off of the bed and lands on his knees before Paul. Dakota has turned into a real pro at taking dick in the mouth. He teases Paul with his tongue before engulfing the dick whole. “You suck that dick” Paul says as Dakota slides his meat stick in and out of his mouth. The sounds of slurping and sucking fill the air; this is a good audible BJ! “That’s a lot of dick, man!” Dakota says after almost choking on cock and saliva. He gets right back to work though; he wants to get that rod nice and wet before he gets fucked. And soon it’s time for just that. Teary eyed from delivering some bomb ass head, Dakota lies back on the bed while Paul lubes up. He penetrates Dakota’s man pussy raw and immediately starts hammering away. “Aww, yeah” Dakota shouts. BSB and cash are turning him into a cock hungry little boy. His asshole eagerly accepts all of Paul’s third leg. Paul churns his insides into butter and Dakota loves every bit of it. “It’s so deep, it’s so deep”, he moans. Yes sir it is!

Anxious for cock himself, Paul pulls out and lubes up Dakota. He hops on the dick like a kid would Santa’s lap. Paul can take cock as good as he gives it; the hallmark of a true versatile fuck boy. He bounces and bounces on Dakota’s raw cock (for a second I thought he might spin on it), while Dakota jacks him from behind. The close up on Dakota’s magic stick tightly squeezed into Paul’s hot ass has me ready to explode. Paul’s cock bounces from side to side once Dakota lets it go. So hot! They move back to the bed and Dakota reinserts his pole and continues trying to split Paul in half. That hairy hole opens up nicely for that raw dick. The room is extra loud now with both boys moaning and breathing heavily. Moments later Paul joins me across the finish line by shooting a sticky load all over himself. Dakota’s not far behind; he blasts gooey cum all over the place.

The camera man points out that moments before he cums, Dakota seems to zone out and go somewhere. Yeah, that would be my bedroom. As promised, Paul has Dakota taste some of his own cum and he loves it. Hopefully, that won’t be the last time we see him eat baby batter.

Watch Paul Canon And Dakota Ford Flip Fuck Raw

Spinal Tapping

Mar 25 2014
Duncan Tyler Fucks Tristan Stiles

Duncan Tyler Fucks Tristan Stiles

Today we’ve got the manly but giggly Duncan and our favorite resident straight bottom, Tristan Stiles. Since he’s been away Duncan has had unique adventures. He has a pretty nasty scar on his left leg that he received after being bitten and attacked by his girlfriend’s best friend…wow! He’s not alone; Tristan has also been bitten by his girlfriend. What’s with these chicks? Maybe they should just sign up to be full time gays. The most my best friend would do is throw shade and pop his gum; neither of which would leave visible scars.

But enough of that, let’s lose the clothes. After stripping Duncan’s pet boa is put on display. He’s got a nice thick cock and I can’t wait to see him use it on Mr. Stiles. Duncan Tristan sits back and Duncan gets on his knees and begins to blow him. It doesn’t take long for Tristan’s sausage to stiffen in his mouth. And it shouldn’t, not with Duncan going all the way to the pubes with his mouth. Tristan relaxes into it as Duncan continues to bob his head up and down. Soon enough though he’s ready to return the favor “it’s my turn” he declares as he stands Duncan up in front of him. He’s not afraid of the meat bat between Duncan’s legs; he puts in right into his mouth. Duncan is groaning and grunting in delight. Tristan massages the balls and sucks at the same time. He can only get about half of it in his mouth, but that’s not a problem for the golden haired Duncan. “Oh fuck” he exclaims in between heavy breaths. I love seeing Tristan’s nice pink lips wrapped around that big dick. But I’m not upset when Duncan tells him to bend over; because if there’s one thing I like seeing more than a big dick get sucked it’s a cute ass being fucked. #leggo!

Tristan does as requested and bends over the chair; showing off that pretty hole. It takes a couple of tries but Duncan eventually squeezes his baby arm into Tristan, causing some pain but it’ll be worth it. The poor (lucky) boy’s face is chili pepper red from the pressure. After this fucking, his asshole is going to be as open and as exposed as Lindsay Lohan working at a 7/11. There’s a good preview of his hole after he’s told to lie on the bed. Duncan lifts Tristan’s leg and shows his now gaping pucker. Duncan shoves his beef whistle back into Tristan’s hairy ass. Tristan is making a lot of noise, leading me to believe that Duncan is hitting every nerve that dick of his can find, good or bad! He tries to get a brief reprieve by kissing Duncan. The kiss is hot but not enough to distract Duncan from his mission of pounding and remodeling Tristan’s insides. He resumes fucking and even speeds up. I’ve never had my ass jackhammered before (despite the petitions), but I bet it would feel similar to what Tristan is going through.

I’m not sure if it’s from the pressure of Duncan’s cock or from pleasure (I choose the latter) but Tristan cums; unleashing a fountain of spunk onto his tummy. Duncan takes his condom off and busts a good nut of his own. Too bad I’m not there to clean them both up. Tristan confesses that his body went numb while he was getting fuck and that at one point he couldn’t even feel his face! I’m pretty sure his spine got damaged during that encounter. X-ray please!

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Is this his first time?

Mar 24 2014
Damien Kyle Sucks Jaxon Ryder

Damien Kyle Sucks Jaxon Ryder

We’ve got the edgy newcomer Jaxon Ryder sitting next to Damien Kyle. Jaxon Ryder is fresh off of his first solo scene and has quickly returned to explore some man on man lovin’. He admits that he’s had a blow job from a guy before but said that it was just ok and that girls do it better. -_- He may have had a guy do it before but has he had a broke straight boy do it? Damien, you’ve been challenged! The boys remove their clothes and Jaxon shows us those awesome tats once more. I love a man with ink. They put their cakes on display for the camera man, giving each other’s juicy cheeks a nice squeeze. They turn to each other and Damien pulls Jaxon’s head toward him and begins kissing him. Jaxon certainly doesn’t mind, he gets closer to Damien and gets fully involved in the lip smakin’. Damien tells the newbie to sit back and he puts Jaxon’s cock into his mouth. Damien is about to show him how a BSB gets down. He starts off steady and slowly; working Jaxon’s cock form semi hard to petrified. He picks up the pace and the behemoth that is Jaxon’s cock begins to emerge. It’s big but Damien’s got one cock holder of a mouth. He shows Damien how a pro inhales cock and has Jaxon fidgeting from the bomb ass head he’s receiving.

Pleased and willing to see if his own skills are on par he escorts Damien to the bed and begins to blow him. As we all know Damien has quite the fuck rod himself. Surprisingly; Jaxon holds his own and sucks with fervor. He alternates between jacking and sucking but he’s good at both judging by Damien’s response. Jaxon sucks Damien’s meat at break neck speed; seriously, he’s going so fast his neck might break off! He’s delivering some grade A head. I know he said that he’s received head from a guy before but I wonder if this is his first time giving head. Hmmmmm….Soon, Damien’s had all that he can take and he shoots boy cream all over Jaxon’s face. Jaxon relishes it, and why not? He worked for that nut.

Damien returns to his knees and starts to blow Jaxon’s tool once more. That beautiful uncut cock seems even bigger than it did just minutes ago. Damien takes as much of the monster as he can. He gets Jaxon’s dick super wit with saliva, trying his best not to miss an inch of it. Damien sucks faster and faster until its Jason’s turn to spread some sauce. Warm jizz squirts into Damien’s pretty mouth, and he eats it like every good cum boy should. Jaxon admits that he’s going to need to reconsider his earlier proclamation. #trudat! Damien “The Destroyer” does it again.

Watch Damien Kyle Suck Jaxon Ryder

There’s nothing to fear except BBC

Mar 23 2014
Kaden Alexander Fucks Dakota Ford Raw

Kaden Alexander Fucks Dakota Ford Raw

He’s back and it’s time. Dakota Ford is back and he’s here to bottom for the first time. And to make matters worse (for him) he’s paired with Kayden Alexander who is known for fucking people into oblivion. Let the cherry poppin’ begin.

Dakota opens up and admits that he tried to bottom before but it was just too painful. I have the feeling that today won’t be easier but there’s no backing out. They continue to discuss Kayden’s big dick…one Kayden surprisingly calls average…wow! Someone bring me some measuring tape so I can taste, I mean, measure it myself. After debating the not so average size of Kayden’s cock they undress and Dakota is asked to stand on top of the chair. Kayden tries to help him take his mind off the painful pounding to come with a blowjob. Kayden’s hungry mouth abducts Dakota’s dick. Dakota steadies himself by pressing one hand against the ceiling with using the other to push Kayden’s mouth further down his cock. This blowjob is so sloppy that I could easily just close my eyes and enjoy it just as much by listening to all the slurping and heavy breathing. But my eyes stay wide open. Kayden licks Dakota’s shaft, toying with him. Dakota looks down upon him, pleased with the attention he’s getting. As Kayden continues to blow him it looks like Damien could start climbing the wall any second now.

Dakota gets off of the chair and sits Kayden down so that he can return the favor. Kayden’s big veiny dick is handled nicely by Dakota. He switches back and forth between jacking and sucking. “Oh shit!” Kayden exclaims. When asked if he’s ready to get fucked Dakota responds with a definite “Nope!” “Better now than never, dog” Kayden suggests. And just like that we’re watching Dakota lube that nearly virgin hole up. Kayden tells him to stick a couple of fingers up his ass to loosen it right after assuring him that he’ll be “super gentle”. Why am I not convinced? Dakota bends over the chair and props his ass up. The time has come. “Ow! God” Dakota exclaims as Kayden’s raw dick penetrates him. “Damn your asshole is tight!” he says as he starts a slow fuck. He slowly picks up the pace and is soon fucking the new boy pussy like old boy pussy. Dakota arches his back and reaches behind Kayden in an effort to pull him deeper inside. Wow! If I didn’t know any better I’d swear this wasn’t his first time Dakota was getting split open by dick. His hairy ass gets used to the cock pretty damn quick.

Kayden pushes Dakota on the bed but then repositions him over the bottom edge. Dakota is really being put through the ringer today. Kayden jumps right back into that ass from above; with no mercy. Dakota is clearly in pain. He smacks the floor and reminds himself that he needs the money. Kayden is going to make him earn every cent. He continues to pop his ass and even slaps it a few times. What a workout!
They move to the side of the bed and Dakota is put on his back. Kayden reenters and must have hit a sweet spot because Dakota screams out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Kayden just slays away and soon Dakota loosens up again. “Oh god, give it to me!” Dakota belts moments before squeezing man juice from his dick. Jizz lands all over his chest. Kayden pulls out and squirts his own gooey batch onto Dakota’s stomach. Now that his cherry has been popped and he’s been baptized in cum, Dakota is officially a Broke Straight Boy; in every sense of the word.

Watch Kaden Alexander Fuck Dakota Ford Raw

The Curious vs The Experienced

Mar 21 2014
Paul Canon Sucks Vadim Black

Paul Canon Sucks Vadim Black

The hot young stud Vadim has returned, and this time he’s paired up with the hunky Paul Cannon. The newbie is in for a real treat. I really can’t get over how cute and innocent Vadim is! That beautiful black hair with those piercing eyes gets me every time.

While sitting next to Paul on the bed, Vadim once again admits to being curious about being with a guy. He’s almost coaxed into wrapping that sexy Russian mouth around Paul’s cock, but he shyly backs out; not comfortable with that just yet. But we’ll get him there. But he’s not afraid to get a blow from Paul (cue applause). They undress and we get a nice shot of Paul’s beautiful ass with a tat of a kiss on his right cheek. I’m pretty sure that’s an invitation! Vadim also has a fuckable ass, although he complains he can’t jiggle it the way Paul can. Paul is obviously impressed nonetheless. He goes right in and begins to make out with Vadim. Vadim isn’t shy about kissing him back as he leans into Paul and returns the favor of tongue. Not bad for his first gay kiss. Paul kisses him all over, making his way down Vadim’s perfect 6-pack abs and down to his cock. He takes the newbie’s dick into his mouth and begins to suck with gusto (yes, I said gusto). He’s going deep enough to have his chin caress Vadim’s ball sack. Vadim’s dick just continues to get bigger and bigger in Paul’s mouth. Vadim strokes Paul’s hair as he gets sucked off by a hunk for the first time.

They move over to the bed. Vadim lies back while Paul continues to blow his brains out. Paul is truly enjoying Vadims’ thick cock taking residence in his mouth. At this point his mouth must be full of precum. Paul’s not only sucking him off but jacking him as well. He gives Vadim an aggressive hand job. Vadim is probably used to the gentle touch of a girl but he is breathing heavy and squirming with pleasure with his dick in Paul’s hands. It’s not long before he busts a nice load that is cleaned up by Paul. That’s a good boy! Paul begins to jack his own dick as Vadim helps him relax by stroking his manly chest. Turned on by Vadim’s sweet touch and the memories of having Vadim’s dick in his mouth, Paul shoots a monster load all over himself and Vadim. Vadim leans down and thanks Paul with a passionate kiss. Let’s see how far we can push Vadim next time. Paul definitely has him warmed up.

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Boy booty beat down!

Mar 20 2014
Damien Kyle Fucks Romeo James

Damien Kyle Fucks Romeo James

Romeo is back with a new hair cut to show off and he doesn’t want it messed with. I don’t know why these boys get all styled up before getting fucked. Oh well, he’ll learn. He’s been pouring concrete since we last saw him and I must say that it’s been doing his body good. He’s paired with Damien Kyle who’s as handsome and as ready to fuck as ever. After a brief convo about Romeo’s first scene, the boys pull off their clothes and they’re both already hard as concrete. That makes three of us! Romeo sits back and begins to enjoy a nice blow job from Damien. We all know how good Damien’s head is so it’s no surprise that Romeo is breathing heavily within moments of his dick being put into Damien’s mouth. Damien goes from jacking and sucking, to just jacking, to sucking with no hands. The boy has range. Though Romeo has a nice sized cock, it’s no match for the talented and well broken in hole of Damien. He bobs up and down Romeo’s cock trying to tickle it with his uvula (that’s the dangly thing at the back of your throat for those of you who are about to leave this blog to head to google)! Seriously though, I’m surprised he didn’t choke on it.

Romeo lays Damien on the bed, and starts to display his own oral talents. He holds onto Damien’s balls while inhaling Damien’s meat. Romeo does a good job of taking it all the way down, his mouth almost reaching Damien’s pubes. Tasty! Romeo battles with the dick, pushing it further and further down his throat, until tears start flowing down his nose. Now, that’s some no holds barred head!!!

This superb performance gets Damien in the mood for some of Romeo’s boy pussy. “Get your ass up and ride this dick”, Damien declares. Romeo sits on it in reverse cowboy style and starts to bounce on the dick. That hairy hole of his takes all of Damien. “How does that feel?” Damien asks. “Good baby” I answer, “real good!”…only he’s not talking to me is he? Nonetheless Romeo’s dick riding has me ready to explode and I’m not even there; so I can only imagine how good it feels to Damien and that beef pole of his. Romeo grinds on the dick like a true power bottom, trying to milk it. Meanwhile his own dick just swings in front of our faces. What a tease!

He turns around to face Damien and continues to ride him. It’s not long before these two are kissing. Damien takes over and begins to assault his ass from below. He then flips onto his back, kisses him more, reinserts his man tool, and thumps away. He holds his legs open and lets Romeo hole have all the dick it can handle. And that hairy boy box can take plenty. But the stimulation is too much; Romeo unleashes a heavy load and cums all over his abs. He shoots so hard that it makes it to his chest and barely misses that hairdo of his. Inspired or just pushed to his limit by having the pleasure of fucking Romeo, Damien spills his own goo onto Romeo’s hand.

Damien comments that he busted a sweat. Beating boy booty takes work!

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Give Me That Mussy!

Mar 18 2014
Kaden Fucks Tristan Stiles

Kaden Fucks Tristan Stiles

Kaden professes that he’s an energetic guy, so I’m looking forward to watching him energetically fuck Tristan Stiles. While catching up with the guys Kayden says that he fisted a girl just the day before. -_- I don’t whether to be a bit turned on or not, but Tristan Seems a bit sickened at the thought of it. Maybe, he’s nervous that Kayden may fist him…now that would be hot! Tristan countered with his own story about how he fucked a girl that he picked up form a gas station and apparently she was a screamer. I wonder what kind of noises he’ll make as Kayden fucks him. Let’s get to work.

The boys begin by tossing their shirts. Kayden displays his ability to bounce his pecs white Tristan shows off his tats. Then the pants come off and they show off their cocks. Kayden tries to go down on Tristan but, Tristan stops him, pulls him back up, and begins to kiss him. HOT! These two look like bonafide lovers in a lip lock. Kayden holds him close and continues the tongue tangle. He licks and sucks on Tristan’s neck. He then kisses him from his neck, down his chest, and finally reaches his original destination; Tristan juicy cock. He slurps Tristan’s dick, gripping onto it like someone (namely me) may snatch it from him if given the opportunity. Kayden’s got some serious head game. At one point he pulls Tristan’s dick out of his mouth and beats his face with it. He blows Tristan with vigor while playing with his own uncut sausage. Ready to please, Tristan pushes Kayden into the chair and starts sucking on the caramel shaft. The veiny dick proves to be too much for him for a second and Tristan has to take a breather, literally. He tries to get back to work but moments later he’s choking on the black meat again. “What were you saying about me? That I’m the small dick?” Kayden taunts him. “Shut up!” Tristan laughs before wrapping his mouth on Kayden’s dick once more. He licks Kayden’s shaft and even gives the balls a little tickle of the tongue. He’s not choking now! Tristan’s tongue working him over, Kayden squirms in pleasure looking as if he’s about to burst.

More than ready to fuck, Kayden gets up and turns Tristan around. After lubing his rod and Tristan’s hairy ass, Kayden makes his entrance. “Are you okay?” he asks his buddy. After receiving an affirmative, Kayden starts to hammer that ass. Kayden says that he hasn’t had pussy in a while, so there’s no doubt that he’s taking some aggression out on Tristan’s hole. They move over to the bed and Kayden places Tristan on his side and resumes fucking him. Kayden fucks Tristan hard but also passionately makes out with him. These two look like they’ve wanted to get at each other for a while! Kayden soon repositions Tristan on his back. Kayden lays some of his best moves on him as Tristan moans loudly. Tristan’s leg is pushed closer and closer to his chest as Kayden comes in for another kiss. Satisfied with the smooch, Kayden draws back and picks up the pace, betting Tristan’s “mussy” into submission with his dick. Tristan cums with ease; shooting a milky load onto his abs. Kayden replies by squirting a huge hot load all over Tristan. Relieved and relaxed the boys get up a start swinging their dicks around. Do all straight boys celebrate sexual triumphs like this? One thing is for certain, Tristan will think twice before commenting on Kayden’s dick size.

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Our little whore for the day

Mar 17 2014
Johnny, Cage And Damien

Johnny, Cage And Damien

Damien Kyle stands between Johnny and Cage. “You’re going to get fucked!” Johnny tells him. And just like that, we’re off. They don’t waste any time, and who can blame them with so much hotness in the room. Johnny and Cage sit on the bed and Damien packs Forza’s dick into his mouth. He bobs his head up and down causing Johnny to moan in pure ecstasy. Johnny’s biceps and pecs contract as he receives a sloppy blowjob. Cage helps his buddy my pushing Damien’s head down on Johnny’s cock. Not one to leave a man behind or a friend dry, Johnny directs Damien’s lips over to Cage’s dick. Damien swallows it whole while continuing to jack Johnny off. Damien continues to battle both schlongs like he hasn’t had cock in his mouth for months. His expert performance has both Johnny and Cage breathing heavily. After going back and forth between their salty poles like a confused, cock hungry slut, Damien is flipped onto the bed. Cage eyes his pretty hole and slides his finger inside to prep the tight muscle for a real workout. Damien continues to blow Johnny while he gets some oral attention of his own from Cage. Cage eagerly fuck Damien’s ass with his finger while Johnny look on, I’m sure they’re both ready to fuck.

Expertly loosened by Cage, Damien’s ass is turned over and offered to Johnny. He slides into Damien’s fuck hole balls deep. Johnny pounds away while Cage encourages him. “Fuck the shit out of him”, he chants. Johnny doesn’t seem to need much coaching as he’s already fucking the muffled moans out of Damien. “Our little whore for the day”, Cage declares as he watches Johnny running through Damien. Johnny holds those legs in the air while screwing him; Damien is nothing more than his sex toy in this moment. What a lucky boy!

“Let’s flip him over”, Johnny suggests before invading Damien’s trap from behind. This is Cage’s first gay threesome and there’s no doubt that he’s enjoying himself as he watches Damien slurp on his dick and Johnny fuck like an angry convict. Finally, it’s his turn to pummel Damien’s man pussy. They flip him on his back and Cage forces himself inside. Damien’s grunts of pleasure are soon muffled again by Johnny’s piece massaging his throat. Cage fucks his little used cum boy with no mercy. He has the pleasure of fucking Damien raw and as a result he gets to feel the residual heat from all the friction that Johnny’s dicks created. His groans tell the story! Ready to pop he pulls out and joins Johnny, who is already jacking himself over Johnny’s face. All the attention and fucking has pushed Damien to his limits; he explodes while looking up at his owners. Moments later Johnny and Cage are making it rain (with cum that is) all over his face. Cage forces him to eat the bitter sweet load. That’s what it means to be a cum bucket!

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Beef Whistle. It’s what’s for dinner.

Mar 14 2014
Dakota Ford Fucks Ian Dempsey Raw

Dakota Ford Fucks Ian Dempsey Raw

I’m hungry…I wonder what Dakota and Ian are serving. Dakota Ford is back with the hunky teen Ian Dempsey. The scene opens with a candid conversation about their first scenes. Ian says that it took him four hours to get hard the first time he performed in front of a camera. Dakota agrees that it can be hard, especially when you have big shoes to fill. The conversation leads into Ian’s mature look. He’s only 18, but with that body and sexy beard he could easily pass for 25. Hottie Dakota is asked about his wife and he states that he’s sure that she would get turned on watching his scenes. The director asks if she would be jealous and he’s not sure. While I’d be interested in knowing how she feels about, I’m more interested in seeing these two fuck.

They remove their clothes and Ian lies back on the bed. After claiming that he wants to “be a part of the team”, Dakota decides to show how much he means it by wrapping his mouth around Ian’s cock without hesitation. Thanks to Dakota’s face hole, it doesn’t take Ian four hours to get hard this time. Dakota’s technique has progressed from a rating of “the kid’s got talent” to “daaaaaammmmmnnn!” But Ian’s thick sausage is big enough to have the orally talented Dakota choking. Before needing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Dakota joins Ian on the bed. Ian takes Dakota’s dick into his mouth and begins to suck him off. Ian has no trouble, and I mean NO TROUBLE, taking Dakota’s dick down to the balls. I can’t imagine that it’s easy as Dakota is sporting a serious monster. He holds Dakota’s cock at the base and continues to make it disappear and reappear. #Magic! Ian inhales Dakotas beef whistle like its air. Dakota takes control momentarily and fucks Ian’s mouth. He’s really into it; for a second I thought he was going to bust right there in Ian’s warm mouth. However, hungry for an ass-fucking, Ian stops and sits on Dakota’s baby maker. Riding that dick in reverse cowboy, Ian’s hungry hole swallows all of Dakota’s cock. “Oh yeah, ride that dick, ride that dick”, Dakota commands. And Ian does just that. He rides like a pro, his own dick slapping his abs.

After being ridden like Seabiscuit, Dakota forces Ian on all fours and continues to tear into that hairy hole. He doesn’t show any mercy but Ian doesn’t seem to mind at all. He’s enjoying the pounding. Dakota must be imagining his wife because he really starts to get into a rhythm; winding and grinding his body as he screws Ian. Seriously, those were gay stripper moves! Dakota gets bossy, directing Ian to lay on his back. He continues to drill Ian like he’s looking for oil. From this angle we can see Ian’s hole stretched to the limit by Dakota’s meat bat. And just like that, Ian doesn’t pump out oil but he does release a geyser of baby gravy. Dakota yanks his dick out of Ian’s hole and pops his own cork, fizzing all over Ian. Oh, please pair these two up again, and again, and again!!! And get Dakota some BSD undies, he’s earned them.

I’m stuffed, not the same as Ian just was, but I’m satisfied nonetheless :)

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Introducing the “Show Off”

Mar 13 2014
Vadim Black Solo

Vadim Black Solo

Young 18 (and a half) Vadim Black is new to BSB. He’s the definition of young and sexy and thankfully broke enough to play in front of the camera for our gay eyes. He says that he has some regular girls on the side that he fucks but they don’t pay ;). When asked if he’s a show off, Vadim asks with an emphatic “yeah!” So now Mr. Black, let’s see what you’ve got.

After a brief conversation Vadim removes his shirt for the camera unveiling a well sculpted six pack and nice tats. He may be just 18 but he’s got a grown man’s body. He turns around and pulls his boxer briefs down just far enough to give us a view of his ass. He grips his slight hairy cheeks and pulls them apart. Now, I promise I don’t do drugs but I could have sworn his pretty, cherry asshole winked at me. I wish I could be the one to open him up using my….oh sorry, I digress.

Vadim starts playing with his cock after giving his ass a nice premiere. It’s easy to see him beginning to stiffen as he rubs his meat through his underwear. Finally, with a torturous and slow curtain drop, he pulls his briefs down and showcases his cock. Lying back on the bed, Vadim looks into the camera, showing off his smoky eyes and a sexy grin. I don’t know how they get him to relax but the next thing I see is Vadim stroking his ankle spanker (yes it’s that big)! Whereas before I was I was imagining the wonderful things I’d do to his hole, now I can’t help but feel my own peek hole throbbing at the thought of what his dick my do to it. I’m pretty sure there not enough Gun Oil in this county, let alone in my bedroom to make it a painless experience.

As I continue to fantasize, Vadim twists his hand up and down his shaft. It’s a whopper of a cock so at one point he has to use two hands. His biceps and abs tighten as he continues to please himself. Vadim works on his juicy dick, getting himself closer to his climax. “Oh yeah”, he moans, right before he busts a nice load of young, straight, boy juice. And right when I think he’s done he tastes his own cum. Contrary to KFC’s motto, I bet Vadim’s jizz is finger lickin good. When asked, Vadim admits that he has had thought of being with a guy. I’m sure most of us would be more than willing to oblige after that performance.

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Hot Twink Logan Milano wakes up to jerk his hard cock

Dec 16 2014
Logan Milano is fast asleep. But someone is feeling frisky. A stranger enters the bedroom with a camera and starts to pan up and down Logan and his beautiful hard body. His ass is bubbly and ripe for a fucking. He turns over and his raging morning wood can be seen under the sheets. The mystery cameraman pulls down the covers and reveals the hard cock. Logan wakes up with a big smile. He is ready to put on a show. He jerks his pud for the camera and gets up towards the mirror and watches himself as he plays with his hole. Then he gets back on the bed and unleashes a creamy load all over himself. He tells the camera man that it felt amazing. And finally we see the man holding the camera is none other than Chad Karzen. He tells Logan that it is his turn now. Logan eagerly goes toward Chad and starts to be pull out his cock. But you will have to wait til later this week to see the hard core gay fucking. All here in full HD video at Randy Blue. Where we got the hot guys and get them to make the best gay porn.
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Top Ten Overused Gay Porn Scenarios with Diego Sans and Scotty Marx

Dec 10 2014
You have seen it all before. Bad plot porn. Massage Scene, POV Scene, Random Sports equipment, Pizza Delivery Boy. Sometimes you never know what kind of weird scenario that dirty director is going to come up with. But in the end, you can just hope that the guys are hot and the sex is on fire. I mean who cares how you get there, as long as they are jizzing in their mouths at the end, it is all good. Just like these write ups. Who cares what it says, just as long as it has all the right buzz words so that the straight hot gym jocks with bisexual asian muscle studs can make the best gayporn in free HD cam show with long hard black dicks and latin bareback facial bukake and a cherry on top.
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Everyone has been waiting for the two ultra top muscle gods to give it up for the Randy Blue fans in some good old full HD gay porn fucking. Kurtis Wolfe is the epitome of masculinity. He is one of those models that came to us straight, but then with each passing scene began to realize that fucking dudes is fun. Austin Wolfe is a towering mass of muscle that loves to dominate over his smaller scene partners. Well now the wait is over and these two gods are finally bottoming for each other. The passion was so intense. From the moment they began to kiss all the way until they began to penetrate each other, the intensity never left their eyes. If you like sucking and riimming and first time fucking and cum eating, well then this scene has everything you want. Please be sure to check out the all free gayporn pics of the hot action here at Randy Blue.
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Straight Stud Roman Todd pops the Cherry of Russian Hunk Jamie Pavel

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Straight Hunk Greg Jameson gets his bottom cherry popped by Ashton Dale

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Arabian Men 1 Scene 2 - Arabian Dicks

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Arabian Men - Arabian Dicks

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Arab Twink Gets Drilled - Arabian Dicks

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Arabian Men - Arabian Dicks

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Arab Studs - Arabian Dicks

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Arabian Play House - Arabian Dicks

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Arabian Men 2 Scene 4 - Arabian Dicks

Jun 11 2012

This scene begins as Abdul Nafi is getting massaged by his man-servant Ghassan, a young, Sultan-sucking, camel-jockey who willingly offers his tight pussy-hole for the extreme pleasure of Abdul's pecker-topping delight. Camera close-ups of Ghassan's tongue-rimmed boy-butt makes the viewer feel as if they were the ones rimming. Abdul, who wields a Saudi-Arabian-sized sausage, needs two hands to shove all of his meat into Ghassan without completely rupturing his manservant which would destroy any future chances of future abuse. After fucking doggie-style, they attempt other pleasureful positions until both blow their loads with globs of semen that could fill the Dead Sea.

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Arabian Men 2 Scene 3 - Arabian Dicks

May 11 2012

As Raghid Al Din gets his feet, toes, and legs licked, he simultaneously sizes up Abdul Aziz bubbled-ass for a good dicking. After more naked caressing, the thumping begins. Raghid has a firm, but smallish muscular body, but he puts every muscle he has into clobbering the fuck out of Abdul's ass. Eventually, both Arabian hotties spill their juice amidst a close-up of Abduls dreamy, gorgeous, come-fuck-me eyes.

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Abdul Nafi - Arabian Dicks

Apr 10 2012

Abdul is a horny and well built jock that loves to show off his hard body. He has a nice hairless chest, a fantastic ass, and a monster cock that begs for attention.

Abdul has problems with that big ole joystick of his, he has to wear big baggy pants to hide the fact that his monster bone gets rock hard with just a small amount of interest. Once you see this monster cock you will see why he needs such baggy pants.

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Arabian Men 2 Scene 1 - Arabian Dicks

Apr 6 2012

Somewhere in the desert stands an abandoned building, Wally Allah, a muscled, Muslim with a young face, but a mannish rod is being caressed and pleasured by Mujahid, a goateed, tattooed, hottie that loves to attempt to place his large, wet tongue around Wallys 1/2 meter-long pecker. I say attempt because Wally's uncircumcised rod is not only a giant in length, but also humongous in width. The scene is decidedly centered around this gigantic man-pole as the camera angles play with the viewers sense of wonderment.

After a rimming scene worthy of an Academy Award, it becomes a wonder how Mujahid's ass is able to completely envelope Wallys man-rod which at it's hardest, is the size of Sudan. While getting fucked, Mujahids own hard hammer bounces with pounding delight until both hotties blow their cannons with white gun-powder!

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Hakem And Muzzafa - Arabian Dicks

Mar 9 2012

Hakem, Muzzafar are two horny Arabian studs that can't keep their hands off of each other. After meeting to watch TV these two horny hunks decide that an Arabian fuck session is warranted. They are soon naked and jerking on those two big dicks before exploding those cocks.

ArabianPlayHouse2, scene 3

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